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Subcommittee on Joint Weathering Projects Re-Forms Task Group on Compliance Issues

Subcommittee G03.01 on Joint Weathering Projects has re-formed Task Group G03.01.05 on Compliance Issues. The subcommittee, which is part of Committee G03 on Weathering and Durability, welcomes any interested parties to participate in the work of the re-formed task group.

While there are currently no plans to develop a standard, the goals of the task group are as follows:

• Address the tolerance issue in weathering standards to clarify concerns expressed by users regarding ISO Guide 17025 accreditation/auditor issues. The task group plans to address this by defining the use of tolerances and operational fluctuations in weathering standards.
• Harmonize the expression of tolerances/operational fluctuations in weathering standards.
• Consider whether or not measurement uncertainty applies to weathering standards.
• Consider the feasibility of mapping test conditions in weathering instruments.

For further technical information, contact Oscar L. Cordo, technical manager, Atlas Weathering Services Group, Miami, Fla. (phone: 305/824-3900 ext. 220). Committee G03 will meet June 20-23 in Boston, Mass. For meeting or membership details, contact Tim Brooke, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-6729). //

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