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Baldrige Quality Award News

The 2004 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria for business, education, and health care are now available. In addition to being the basis for a Baldrige Award application, Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria are used by thousands of organizations to assess and improve their performance in a wide range of areas, including leadership, corporate governance and ethics, employee and customer relations and results. The criteria may be downloaded or may be requested by calling 301/975-2036. In addition, organizations may now electronically submit their applications for the Baldrige Award on a CD in PDF format. The deadline for the 2004 applications is May 13. The application forms booklet may be obtained here or by calling 301/975-2036.

NEW:Update 2004

Abstracts for presentations, laboratory experiments and classroom demonstrations are due May 1 for the 19th Annual National Educators’ Workshop. This year’s subject is Nano/Bioscience and Technology Education for the 21st Century. NEW:Update 2004 will emphasize the following themes: biologically inspired materials and devices, nanomaterials and applications, strategies for integrating bio/nanoscience and technology into education, experiments and demonstrations for engineering, technology and science, and enhancing enrollments and retention in technical education. Submit your abstract to Jim Jacobs, NEW:Update 2004, School of Science and Technology, Norfolk State University, 700 Park Ave., Norfolk, VA 23504 (fax: 757/823-9421).

New Fastener Event

The International Fastener Machinery Association, the Industrial Fasteners Institute and the Chicago Bolt, Nut and Screw Association have announced that the first bi-annual Fastener Week will be held in Chicago, June 6-9, 2005. Fastener Week will be the co-location of the international manufacturing equipment, machinery, and services show — Industrial Fastening and Forming International — and the CBNSA Midwest Fastener Expo. Fastener Technology International, the leading technical journal for the industry, will produce a comprehensive technical conference, including their cold heading workshop series.

Standardizing Disaster Models to Help First Responders

Computer modeling and simulation programs that depict predisaster site conditions, changes due to sudden life-threatening events and consequences of emergency responses can be powerful tools for preparing for and coping with everything from terrorist attacks to hurricanes. Yet the multitude of programs, incompatibility of systems as well as technical jargon in the programs themselves hinder widespread acceptance of this potentially life-saving technology. The National Institute of Standards and Technology is working to make such modeling and simulation programs readily accessible to emergency response decision-makers. NIST is identifying the needs of emergency personnel and surveying the available modeling and simulation tools. It also proposes simplifying language in emergency response software to enable emergency personnel, at every level, to use the tools. In addition, NIST advocates industry-government efforts to develop interoperability standards for all modeling, simulation and visualization tools. Finally, NIST supports creation of an electronic “Emergency Response Framework” for such standardized programs. For background information, see Modeling and Simulation for Emergency Response: Workshop Report, Standards and Tools, a NIST report of a 2003 workshop.

ISO Announces Contest and Award for Young Standardizers

The Helmut Reihlen Award is a bi-annual contest held within the framework of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Program for Developing Countries. The contest aims to encourage young professionals to embark on a successful career in standardization, and to raise awareness of the importance of standards in promoting safe and sustainable economic development. Presented by ISO and Germany’s Deutsches Institut für Normung, the theme for the 2004 contest is “International Standards to Access World Markets.” The contest is open to permanent employees of ISO member bodies and correspondent members, eligible for assistance under the ISO Program for Developing Countries, including developing countries and economies in transition that have requested to benefit from the program. Candidates must be 35 years old or under; the application deadline is May 3, 2004. The award includes a plaque, the publication of the winning essay in ISO Focus, a cash prize and a trip to Geneva, Switzerland, to receive the award at the 27th General Assembly, in September 2004. Contest entry forms may be downloaded.

Cairo Quality and Excellence Exhibition and Conference

The Cairo international exhibition and conference for standardization and quality system products (Quality and Excellence) will be held Oct. 2-4 in Cairo, Egypt. This event, which is being organized in cooperation with the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (EOS), will be held under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Technological Development. The main issues of the conference are the impact of international standardization on world trade, conformity assessment, and the role of national standards bodies. The conference will analyze and present the needs and views of industry, politics, standardization bodies and other social partners with regard to standardization and conformity assessment requirements for a truly global market. The exhibition covers all areas of science and technology in agriculture, medical and health, environment, waste and safety, industry and energy, standardization, testing, calibration, and certification and accreditation. //

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