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Letters to the Editor
The Return of the Editor’s Page

I very much welcome your reintroduction of the monthly note from the editor. In former times this was always the first article in SN for me to read, because it gave me interesting background information and made SN more personal for me. Therefore I was very sorry when it was dropped. So I am looking forward to your future notes.

By the way, I am one of your international members (from Germany). For more than 30 years I did research work on the fracture mechanics of steel. I always used ASTM standards as valuable guidelines because they reflected the fundamental results of the American pioneers in fracture mechanics.

Karl Edgar, HagedornMax Planck Istitute
Dusseldorf, Germany
Member, ASTM Committee E08 on Fatigue and Fracture

The Passing of a Favorite ASTMer

I was saddened to read about Bryant Mather’s passing in the February issue of SN, especially since I had just talked to him over the phone in late November. My call was prompted by seeing the picture on the November SN People page of Bryant receiving an Award for Editorial Excellence from me in 1977 when I was standards editor. We had a delightful conversation, and his voice was strong, even though he spoke of a lot of physical problems that he was experiencing.

Bryant was one of my favorite ASTMers, and I always thought of him as an ex-officio member of the Standards Department, since he was sharp to notice any editorial errors.

He was a great friend, and I thought of him often, even after my retirement in 1982.

Bob Lukens, Former ASTM Staff Member
Member, ASTM Committee E43 on SI Practice

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