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ASTM Seeks Users and Producers of Metal-Layer Gaskets for Classification Standard

ASTM Subcommittee F03.10 on Composite Gaskets, in Committee F03 on Gaskets, seek users and producers of multi-layer steel (MLS) and other metal-layer gaskets to discuss a draft MLS Classification Standard on Wednesday, April 23, at the Best Western Salt Lake Plaza Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah. The proposed standard will specify terminology for MLS and other metal-layer gaskets for transportation applications, and provide test(s) that characterize the physical properties of MLS gaskets. To review the draft standard before the meeting or comment by e-mail, contact ASTM technical manager Joe Hugo or subcommittee chairman Doug Guimond (see information below).

Roger Bratcher, Amorim Industrial Solutions, Troy, Mich., will chair two discussions on April 23. MLS Task Group F03.30.04 meets at 9 a.m. and Coated Metal Gasket Task Group F03.10.08 meets at 10 a.m., both in Heritage Meeting Room 1. Subcommittee members from metal-layer gasket manufacturing, raw-material supplies, and other areas of the gasket industry have worked with the Society of Automotive Engineers and other stakeholders to reach a balanced consensus for the draft standard. The subcommittee gathered gasket specialists to review the draft at three previous meetings including an SAE meeting March 4 in Detroit, Mich.

“The MLS Classification Standard is needed to provide producers and users of MLS gaskets a common language for describing these gaskets to one another,” says Guimond, director of Technology, Engineered Composite Materials Group, Hollingsworth and Vose Company, East Walpole, Mass. “The intent of the standard is to provide users and producers of MLS gaskets with a system to define such gaskets with regard to application and construction. We request that you review the proposed standard and provide any comments or feedback you feel the committee should consider before the proposed standard is balloted.”

The subcommittee will propose the classification standard to ASTM International for ballot following the April meetings. For further technical information, contact Doug Guimond at Hollingsworth and Vose Company, East Walpole, Mass. (phone: 508/850-2260). Committee F03 meets April 22-24 in Salt Lake City. For meeting or membership details, contact Joe Hugo at ASTM International, West Conshohocken, Pa. (phone: 610/832-9740). //

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