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New Electroluminescent Task Force Seeks Comments from Electronics Industry

Subcommittee F01.18 on Membrane Switches in ASTM Committee F01 on Electronics invites participation on its new EL (electroluminescent) Task Force. Dennis Webster, GM Nameplate, Seattle, Wash., will chair the task force, which requests suggestions for:

• Standard terminology or definitions;
• Standard test methods popular with EL manufacturers;
• Feedback on standards used now;
• Suggestions for needed standards; and
• Comments on other membrane-switch issues.

Since their January meeting, the task group has identified approximately 20 terms specific to EL technology, and has begun to consider test methods. “We don’t have a complete list of test methods and would welcome help compiling the list as well as writing the methods,” Webster says.

ASTM Committee F01 develops standards for electron devices and the materials, processes, controls, and equipment used in the fabrication of electron tubes, semiconductor materials and devices, lasers and incoherent light sources, sensing and transmitting devices, ferroelectric and nonmetallic magnetic materials and devices, superconducting materials and devices, passive parts and components, interconnection networks and encapsulation materials, assemblies, and data-storage devices.

To comment or participate on the new EL Task Force, contact subcommittee chairman Alan Burk, ALMAX, Kirkland, Wash. (phone: 425/889-9417). For Committee F01 meeting or membership specifics, contact Scott Orthey, manager, Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9730). //

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