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Join the Virtual Discussion of Standards for Optical Fiber Cable in Gas Pipelines

ASTM Committee F36 on Technology and Underground Utilities is holding an online virtual meeting April 10 at 11 a.m. EDT to discuss standards for the deployment of optical fiber
cable systems in natural gas pipelines. Participants will connect through an ASTM-provided conference call and Internet document sharing. To participate, contact ASTM manager Daniel Schultz (phone: 610/832-9716) for a password. For system requirements and other FAQs about ASTM online meetings, go here and click on Technical Committees and Virtual Meetings.

The committee will discuss the following ASTM draft standards at the online meeting and at meetings June 19-20 at the Adams Mark Hotel in Denver, Colo.:

• Practice for the selection of natural gas pipelines suitable for installation of optical fiber systems;
• Practice for operation and maintenance of optical fiber systems installed within natural gas pipelines;
• Guide for the installation of optical fiber systems in natural gas pipelines;
• Specification for qualified materials and components for use on natural gas pipelines for the installation of optical fiber systems; and
• Specification for selection of optical fiber system materials for installation in natural gas pipelines.

Committee F36 on Technology and Underground Utilities develops standards for optical fiber cable mounted in underground utilities. For meeting or membership details, contact Daniel Schultz, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9716). //

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