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Attention Users of Reagent Water

For many years ASTM D 1193, Standard Specification for Reagent Water, has been used to determine the precision and bias of test methods developed by ASTM Committee D19 on Water.

Committee D19 is currently reviewing D 1193. Since D 1193 has become widely used in testing laboratories and industry, the committee is soliciting information from users of the specification.

“Our intent is to insure that D 1193 continues to meet the needs of all users including Committee D19,” explained Dee Perkins, the committee chairman, who is business development manager for The Bionetics Corporation, Newport News, Va. “With that in mind we are looking for information and data on the use and testing of reagent water.” The committee is seeking:

• Data on testing done to confirm that the reagent water produced meets specified criteria;
• How reagent water is used in the laboratory/industrial process;
• How it is produced;
• What type of reagent water is used; and
• The basis for selection.

Although test methods are included in the specification, the committee wants to know if other test methods are being used to determine specification criteria. All information will be regarded as privileged and shared only with the task group reviewing the standard. The group also seeks input regarding improvements to the standard.

Please direct comments, data, and other information to Nathalie H. “Dee” Perkins, The Bionetics Corporation, Newport News, Va. (phone: 757/873-0900, ext. 237). Committee D19 meets June 2-6 at the Regal Maxwell House, Nashville, Tenn., and Jan. 19-23, 2003, at the Holiday Inn, Cocoa Beach, Fla. For meeting or membership details, contact Bruce Noe, manager, ASTM Technical Committee operations (phone: 610/832-9719). //

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