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ASTM Solicits Feedback on Important Factors of Water Used in Laboratories

ASTM Committee D19 on Water is reviewing D 5196, Standard Guide for Biomedical Grade Water. The guide provides information on water used in laboratories conducting biological research. The committee believes most biological laboratories start with reagent water and then process the water in some manner to eliminate biologically active components.

“We would like to receive input from the research community and other users of this standard to determine the factors that should be considered in this guide,” said Dee Perkins, the D19 chairman. Standard D 5196 covers:

• Significance and Use;
• Reagents;
• Sampling;
• Recommendations for purity; and
• Test methods.

“We intend to add sections on preparation, storage and distribution systems,” said Perkins, business development manager, The Bionetics Corporation, Newport News, Va. “Input on any of the existing or proposed sections as well as other topics that should be considered would be appreciated.”

Please direct comments and information to Nathalie H. “Dee” Perkins, The Bionetics Corporation, Newport News, Va. (phone: 757/873-0900, ext. 237). Committee D19 meets June 2-6 at the Regal Maxwell House, Nashville, Tenn., and Jan. 19-23, 2003, at the Holiday Inn, Cocoa Beach, Fla. For meeting or membership details, contact Bruce Noe, manager, ASTM Technical Committee operations (phone: 610/832-9719). //

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