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ASTM International Donates Technical Books to Libraries Around the Globe

An extensive donation of technical information is currently under way by ASTM International. Once completed, over 350,000 books will be donated to libraries in developing countries throughout various regions of the world.

Working in cooperation with donation organizations and individuals, ASTM is contributing technical texts in subject areas as varied as the diverse industries represented on ASTM’s technical committees. Ranging in topics from medical implants and construction products to petroleum processing and metals testing, the books are mainly from the ASTM Special Technical Publications (STP) series, which contains state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed technical papers presented at ASTM symposia. Various manuals, data collections, and monographs were also donated.

ASTM Vice President of Publications and Marketing Robert Meltzer explains, “It was important for ASTM to place this technical information where it can have the greatest benefit in developing nations. The global expertise captured in these works represents technical viewpoints from around the world. This donation complements previous overseas donations of ASTM books over the years.”

The first wave of books was shipped from ASTM’s European Office outside of London in July 2001. Working with the Sabre Foundation, Inc., approximately 1,500 books were sent to a non-profit partner organization of Sabre’s in Croatia, which then distributed the materials to appropriate recipient libraries. Founded in 1969, Sabre is a not-for-profit organization, registered with the U.S. Agency for International Development, which works to make donated books available to needy individuals in developing and transitional societies worldwide through non-governmental partner organizations, libraries, universities, schools, hospitals and clinics,research institutions, and other similar organizations.

ASTM’s U.S.-based inventory was even larger. In this case, ASTM again worked with an organization for distribution, but it also worked with individuals at overseas universities. For example, the library at De La Salle University in Manila, the Philippines, will receive copies of each of the available book titles. In addition, over 11,000 books are being sent to the head of the Engineering Research Center at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, that country’s national university. The Information Center there will retain copies of each book and distribute the remaining copies to other universities and research centers in Latin America.

The bulk of the U.S. warehoused books are being handled through Books for Asia, a program founded in 1954 by the Asia Foundation which sends over 500,000 books and educational materials per year to over 4,000 libraries, schools, universities, and non-governmental research centers throughout Asia. The Foundation’s overseas staff works directly with local educators, librarians, and research professionals to identify and select materials from a database of book shipments for their institutions. ASTM is sending over 300,000 titles to Books for Asia’s San Francisco warehouse for distribution to destinations in Asia.

For more information, contact Barbara Schindler, director, Corporate Communications, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9603). //

Chinese Representatives Visit ASTM

Mr. Tong Wei (fourth from right), deputy director of the China Aviation Polytechnical Establishment (CAPE) led a Chinese delegation to ASTM International on Feb. 21. ASTM staff hosting the delegation were (left to right, starting third from left): Kitty Kono, Pat Picariello, and George Zajdel. CAPE, based in Beijing, specializes in standardization research, development, and consulting services. They have had a formal relationship with ASTM for three years and recently established a Web site that includes a Chinese language index of ASTM standards. Members and customers in China may order ASTM standards directly from CAPE by contacting them at (10 6463-2974; fax: 10 6465-2320) //

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