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Manual 45, Radiation Curing of Coatings

ASTM Standards Related to Testing of Radiation Curing Coatings

ASTM Standards Related to the Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Process, Second Edition (Print Version)

Computer-Based Training Program on Environmental Site Assessment Practices for Commerical Real Estate

New! STP 1403, Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment: Science, Policy, and Standardization — Implications for Environmental Decisions, 10th Volume

STP 1414, Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: A New Century for Agricultural Formulations, 21st Volume

ASTM Standards on Environmental Site Characterization, 2nd Edition
Standardization News Search

Feature: Low Flow Purging and Sampling Ground Water
by Joe Ritchey

Feature: Quality of Life: Optimizing Environmental Decisions and Community Well-Being
by Robert Stenner

Plain Talk for a New Generation
Comments from ASTM President Jim Thomas

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Advanced Ceramics
Officers' Conference
Natural Gas
Blast-Resistant Glass
Metalworking Practices
Plastic Pipe Systems
Papers for Galling Workshop
Virtual Cement and Concrete Tutorial
Reagent Water
Water in Laboratories
Standards Workshop
Melamine Coatings

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News on Standardization Around the Nation and the World

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News of ASTM's International Activities

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Dudley Medal Nominees Sought

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In this issue

Many of ASTM International's standards help protect the environment. This month, standards both long-used and yet to be approved are examined. The kind of ground-water contamination highlighted in feature films such as "Erin Brockovich" is tested for by ground-water sampling standards developed by ASTM Committee D18 on Soil and Rock. And Committee E47 on Biological Effects and Environmental Fate is working on a standard that will guide stakeholders with differing and often conflicting needs in assessing environmental quality-of-life issues. //

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