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Occupational Health and Safety Stakeholders Invited to Join Standardization Effort

Individuals involved in regulatory affairs, industrial hygiene, as well as microbiology, antimicrobial pesticide selection and use processes, are invited to discuss the proposed standard “Selecting Antimicrobial Pesticides for Metal Removal Fluids” with members of ASTM Committee E34 on Occupational Health and Safety at a meeting on May 20 in Orlando, Fla.

The standard will bene-fit producers or formulators of antimicrobial pesticides, and those who use these products to prevent coolant rancidity in metalworking systems, according to Fred Passman, Ph.D., BCA, Inc., N.J., chairman of the E34 task group that is developing the standard.

“The standard will help all antimicrobial selection-and-use stakeholders recognize the multidisciplinary nature of issues relevant to the selection-and-use process,” said Passman. “Reduced risk of misuse, improved industrial hygiene and reduced costs of quality are key benefits.

“Given the myriad regulatory and technical issues affecting antimicrobial pesticide selection, the new standard will go a long way towards demystifying these issues.”

The ASTM meeting is being held in conjunction with the annual meeting of STLE (Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers), a universal industrial interchange of developments in lubrication theory and practice. For further information, contact STLE, Park Ridge, Ill. (phone: 847/825-5536;

For further technical information, contact Fred Passman, Ph.D., BCA, Inc., Princeton, N.J. (phone 609/716-0200). Committee E34 meets Nov. 4-6 in Dallas, Texas. For meeting or membership information, contact Staff Manager Bruce Noe, ASTM (phone: 610/832-9719). //

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