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Nanotechnologies and Molecular Polymerics Seminar Hosted by ASTM Plastics Committee

On July 23, the seminar, “Nanotechnologies and Molecular Polymerics” will be presented 5:00-6:00 p.m. at the Crown Plaza, Montreal, by ASTM Committee D20 on Plastics during their committee meetings July 23-25. Guest speaker is David Forrest, of Baverstam Associates, Newton, Mass., which provides expert analysis in the field of advanced materials and products technology.

Research and development of molecular manufacturing and related enabling technologies is proceeding at an accelerating pace. The general capability to synthesize macroscopic objects and devices to atomic specification brings with it some surprising and important consequences, which will be outlined at this event with an emphasis on aerospace applications.

With order-of-magnitude performance improvements that are predicted for materials and devices, molecular manufacturing is now receiving attention at the highest level of government in the United States. Although determining the exact timing of the “assembler breakthrough” remains a speculative exercise, corporations can adopt strategies to avoid being blindsided by nanotechnology development.

Industry can cooperate with governmental institutions, educational institutions, professional societies and standards organizations to:

• Focus research priorities appropriately;
• Insure the adequate training of scientists, engineers, and technologists;
• Address public safety and environmental concerns; and
• Address national security concerns.

Policy formulation will be an ongoing challenge, although new tools can improve the process of critical discussion and debate.

To register, or for further information, contact Director Katharine Morgan, ASTM (phone: 610/ 832-9721), or Committee D20 Chairman Paul Sample, Ph.D., Samples, Inc., Wilmington, Del. (phone: 302/656-3212). //

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