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Proposals Sought for Discussion of New Test Methods for Oil and Grease

ASTM Subcommittee D19.31 on Waterborne Oils will host the workshop, “New Methods for Oil and Grease,” June 28 at the Sheraton El Conquistador, Tucson, Ariz., during the June 24-28 meetings of Committee D19 on Water. Users of methods for oil and grease, and total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) are invited; other interested parties and non-ASTM members may also attend.

An instrumental method is being sought as a replacement for the classic, but environmentally unfriendly, freon extraction with infrared spectroscopy. EPA has approved a gravimetric method with hexane extraction, but, unlike most new methods, it is clearly an interim response. Speeding the development of the ultimate replacement method is the focus of this workshop.

Bill Teillard, EPA Office of Water, will discuss the status of EPA’s collaborative efforts with Environment Canada to develop new infrared methods for oil and grease and for TPH using solvents other than freon. The workshop will not be restricted to discussion of infrared methods; anyone with a proposal for another fast and accurate method is encouraged to volunteer for a discussion panel.

There is no admission charge. For further information, contact subcommittee chairman Dr. Martha Hendrick-Smith, manager, USCG Marine Safety Laboratory, 1082 Shennecossett Rd., Groton, CT 06340 (860/441-2777, fax: (860/441-2641). For further Committee D19 meeting or membership details, contact manager Bruce Noe, ASTM (610/832-9719). General ASTM information can be obtained through the Web site. //