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May Meeting Explores Electronic Health Records;
Users Sought

Healthcare professionals are encouraged to explore their electronic health record needs at a meeting of ASTM Subcommittee E31.19 on Electronic Health Record Content and Structure to be held during the May 5-7 meetings of ASTM Committee E31 on Healthcare Informatics in San Francisco, Calif., in conjunction with MRI TEPR 2000. Visitors are encouraged to attend, or may address comments to Subcommittee E31.19 chair Gretchen Murphy.

At their meeting last fall, Subcommittee E31.19 discussed several recently revised standards. The benefits of a user-focused redelivery of information was considered for two standards: E 1384, Standard Guide for Content and Structure of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), and E 1633, Standard Specification for Coded Values Used in the Electronic Health Record.

Revised in 1999 and now available, Standard Guide E 1384 has an expanded annex with over 80 new elements in the content areas of patient assessment and treatment plans. Future goals for Standard Specification E 1633 include revisions to incorporate URLs for the value sets and/or code tables used to match specific data elements contained in Electronic Health Record Content Guide E 1384. New initiatives already under way will emphasize user feedback to assure the next revision will add more value to the users. New ideas on format, content and customer direction are being sought.

ASTM standards are available by calling Customer Service (610/832-9585) or through the Web site. For further technical information, contact Gretchen Murphy, University of Washington, Dept. of Health, Services-Health Information Administration Program, 1107 NE 45th St., Suite 400, Seattle, WA 98105-4631 (206/543-8810). For meeting or membership information, contact manager Teresa Cendrowska, ASTM (610/832-9718). //