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The standards effect on Raths, Raths & Johnson Inc., an engineering, architecture, and forensics consulting practice.

Standards Inform Independent Testing

Amalgatech’s first contribution to ASTM’s committee on engine coolants (D15) dates back to the 1970s when Roy E. Beal presented a paper on testing solder for the corrosion of engine coolants at the first ASTM Engine Coolant Symposium.

ASTM Helps Power New Fuel Introduction

DME may not be familiar to many drivers today, but this remarkable fuel can power trucks or cars, can be produced with locally available resources (including waste and renewables), and offers the potential to lower overall cost of vehicle ownership.

Driving Toward Accuracy and Reliability

From its founding over 56 years ago, Nanmac’s mission has been to develop and design standard and custom thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors.

To a "T"

The expression that "necessity is the mother of invention" was never more true than when it comes to the births of ASTM and Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company.

In at the Ground Floor

Service bureau Met-L-Flo uses existing ASTM standards for the manufacture of parts and is participating in the development of new 3D printing standards to help refine and improve their processes.

One Standard Can Help Define Your Business

How an ASTM standard was critical to the growth of an important market served by metal producer Applied Process.

The Give-and-Take

The work of ASTM’s additive manufacturing committee and software developer 3DSIM are mutually beneficial.

Compliance With Standards Aids Marketing for Elcometer

ASTM standards and test methods guide world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of inspection equipment to the coatings, concrete and metal detection industry.

UK-Based SME Maintains Cost Control and Ensures Interoperability Through Standards

A manufacturer of color measurement instruments, the Tintometer Group has been following ASTM standards for decades.

Escape Rescue Systems Gain Market Acceptance

An Israel-based small business with a big idea gets traction by sitting at the ASTM standards development table. Read this story of how standards lead to market access.

Trostel Ltd. Tackles R&D with Standards

A small business that makes components for appliances, cars, and machines uses ASTM standards to drive innovation, save money, and speed products to market.

Kenneth Tator Associates Thrives Through ASTM

A coatings consulting/engineering business active in several ASTM committees uses many ASTM standards to perform tests, analyses, inspections, and more.

Q-Lab Builds Business on Standards

Standards form the foundation of a small business that makes testing equipment for weathering and corrosion.

Henry Troemner, LLC Drives Innovation and Market Access

Precision weights and lab equipment manufacturer relies on ASTM standards to ensure high quality and customer acceptance in the marketplace.

Norfab Corp. Gains Competitive Edge

ASTM test methods give a small manufacturer an edge in the protective-clothing market.

Habersham Metal Products Goes Global

Small manufacturer of doors, frames, and panels for jails participates in ASTM and uses ASTM standards to break into new markets, to compete, and to network.


“Safety is the driving issue here, not money or corporate influence. In ASTM, a tiny company like mine has only one voting member, but major oil companies, airlines and governments also have but one voting member. The system works and applies to everything around you. There are ASTM Test methods and standards for the synthetic fabric in your clothes, the steel in your car, the plastics that surround us, the detergent you wash your clothes with and the water you drink. I cannot think of a single industry, even farming, that doesn't have common test methods under ASTM. ASTM is non-governmental, the standards are written by volunteers and in my opinion ASTM is an unsung hero of the success of our society."

Jim Gammon
Gammon Technical Products Inc.

"Through our involvement and leadership at ASTM International, we network with customers and suppliers in the thermoplastic piping industry. This provides an understanding of trends and opportunities developing within our industry that may affect our business. It also opens doors to new customers and provides us a path to focus on new markets."

Steve Sandstrum
Director, Technical Services
ISCO Industries Inc.

"For me, ASTM membership is crucial because my business relies on both existing standards in traditional industries as well as new standards being developed in cutting-edge fields like additive manufacturing [3D printing]. We need to be at the table to ensure that there is a strong foundation of high quality standards as new technologies enter the mainstream. That’s how we’ll unleash the potential of my business and my field of hybrid manufacturing."

Jason Jones, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and CEO
Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies

"Electronic balloting and virtual meetings help our staff not only participate in ASTM, but become ASTM ambassadors and bring many companies from all over the world into the process. When new clients, who are passionate about our industry, find that they can participate regardless of where they’re located and that their input will be both appreciated and taken seriously, that is very powerful."

James Seay
President and Owner
Premier Rides