2016: Year of the SME
Small Business in Action

Make Your Voice Heard

Fairness is a core value at ASTM International. Our consensus-driven approach to standards development ensures that every individual from a small business has an equal voice and an equal vote alongside representatives of larger companies as well as government, academia and consumer groups.

With your input, ASTM develops high quality, market-relevant test methods, specifications, guides and practices that support your business and your industry.

Participate in any of our committees that span more than 90 industries.

Collaborate and network with more than 30,000 of the world’s top technical experts who come from countries representing more than 90 percent of the global population.

Compete Globally

About 80 percent of global commodity trade is supported by standards. The world looks to ASTM’s over 12,000 standards to help ensure the best materials, products, processes, systems and services from SMEs. Most ASTM standards are distributed outside the United States, helping to strengthen supply chains and trade for SMEs.

Also, ASTM standards help SMEs compete for public and private-sector contracts throughout the world. In fact, over 6,700 ASTM standards are cited in 75 nations.

By participating in ASTM International, you send the clear message that you are a global player. And by using ASTM standards, you show a commitment to providing products and services that meet the highest levels of performance, safety, sustainability and interoperability.

In sum, ASTM gives you a competitive advantage both in making and marketing your products

ASTM standards lead the way in:

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Consumer Products
  • Metals and Materials
  • Environment
  • Transportation
  • Chemicals
  • Energy
  • Medicine and Healthcare
  • Quality Assurance

ASTM complies with World Trade Organization principles:

  • Transparency
  • Openness
  • Impartiality and Consensus
  • Effectiveness and Relevance
  • Coherence
  • Development Dimension

Reduce Costs, Increase Profits

Many ASTM standards directly help SMEs reduce costs and increase profits. ASTM standards reflect processes, practices and test methods that industry experts have worked to optimize.

Some ASTM standards focus on areas such as management and assessment, helping you scale up, increase production and adopt best practices that lead to growth. For example, ASTM standards help with cost data presentation and analysis, value analysis, risk management and economic evaluation. Using these tools helps you differentiate your business from your competitors.

Drive Innovation

When your SME wants to introduce or promote cutting-edge technology or best practices, you can count on ASTM to help achieve your standardization goals.

ASTM’s structure fosters collaboration with peers, suppliers and customers to drive innovation throughout your industry in the form of new and revised specifications, guides, practices and more. Techniques that make test methods simpler or more reliable are always of interest.

Participate with Ease

ASTM provides many opportunities to help you gain insights and contribute to standards.

Your SME can participate in twice-yearly meetings to gain the benefits of face-to-face interaction and networking.

Also, you can collaborate easily with ASTM members worldwide through our web-based tools. Every day, ASTM members use our online forums, virtual meetings and electronic balloting to help develop standards and make connections.

Free one-hour online workshops:

  • New Member Orientation
  • Developing and Revising a Standard
  • Balloting and Handling Votes
  • ASTM.org Navigation and Online Tools
  • Virtual Meetings

For just $75 a year, you can participate in ASTM’s over 140 committees.

Immediate benefits:

  • Eligibility to vote on new and revised standards
  • A free volume of standards
  • Publication discounts
  • A free subscription to Standardization News (bimonthly magazine) and eNews (monthly newsletter)
  • Networking, leadership and award opportunities