A Column Apparatus for Investigation of 1-D Unsaturated-Saturated Response of Sand-Geotextile Systems
A Comparative Evaluation of Various Additives Used in the Stabilization of Expansive Soils
A Comparative Study of Particle Size Analyses by Sieve-Hydrometer and Laser Diffraction Methods
A Comparative Study of Suction-Induced Seepage Consolidation Versus Centrifuge Consolidation
A complex permittivity measurement system for undisturbed/compacted soils
A Computer-Controlled Triaxial Test Apparatus for Measuring Swelling Characteristics of Reconstituted Clay-Bearing Rock
A Convenient Graphical Representation of Compaction Data
A Correlation Between Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Values and Pavement Layer Moduli
A Critical Assessment of the Moist Tamping Technique
A Cyclic Gradient Ratio Test Device
A Cylinder Shear Apparatus
A Device to Cyclic Lateral Loaded Model Piles
A Direct Tensile Strength Testing Method for Unsaturated Geomaterials
A Double Cell Triaxial System for Continuous Measurement of Volume Changes of an Unsaturated or Saturated Soil Specimen in Triaxial Testing
A Drainage Column Test for Determining Unsaturated Properties of Coarse Materials
A Dynamic Method for Determining the Soil Water Characteristic Curve for Coarse-Grained Soils
A Flat Dilatometer to Operate in Glacial Tills
A Flume for Assessing Flux Boundary Characteristics in Rainfall-Induced Slope Failure Studies
A Framework Interpreting Bender Element Tests, Combining Time-Domain and Frequency-Domain Methods
A Free-Standing Laboratory Pressure System
A Laboratory Apparatus to Measure Chemico-Osmotic Efficiency Ccoefficients for Clay Soils
A Laboratory Device to Test the Pull-Out Behavior of Soil Nails
A Laboratory Model to Study Arching within a Hydraulic Fill Stope
A Laboratory Study of the Hysteresis of a Thermal Conductivity Soil Suction Sensor
A Large Biaxial Shear Box for Shaking Table Test on Saturated Sand
A Large Diameter Triaxial Apparatus to Measure Pore Pressure and Displacements on a Pre-existing Shear Zone/Plane
A Large Permeameter for Study of Internal Stability in Cohesionless Soils
A Laser Technique to Quantify the Size, Porosity, and Density of Clay Clusters During Sedimentation
A Letter from the President of ASTM International
A Method for Testing Tensile Strength in Unsaturated Soils
A Micropenetrometer for Detecting Structural Strength Inside Soft Soils
A Miniature Cone for Measuring the Slump of Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Wall Backfill
A Miniature Soil Inclusion for Measuring Axial Force and Radial Stress
A Modified Pressure Plate Apparatus
A Modified Soil-Geosynthetic Interactive Performance Test for Evaluating Deformation Behavior of GRS Structures
A Modified Triaxial Cell for Stress-Path Testing of Weak Rock (Hard Soils)
A Multi-purpose Platform for Horizontal Subsurface Investigation
A Multisleeve Friction Attachment for the Cone Penetrometer
A New Apparatus for Measuring Oxygen Diffusion and Water Retention in Soils
A New Automatic Device for Measuring Large Volume Changes
A New Centrifugal Testing Method: Descending Gravity Test
A New Device for Measuring Permeability Under High Gradients and Sinusoidal Gradients
A New Free-Free Resonant Column Device for Measurement of Gmax and Dmin at Higher Confining Stresses
A New Isotropic Cell for Studying the Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Unsaturated Expansive Clays
A New Laboratory Apparatus for Grout Injection Studies
A New Laboratory Apparatus to Evaluate Hydrodynamic Dispersibility of Soil During Ocean Dumping
A New Setup for Measuring Go during Laboratory Compaction
A New Slurry-Based Method of Preparation of Specimens of Sand Containing Fines
A New Technique for Monitoring Movement of Buried Objects Using an Electrode Switching System
A New Technique for Simulation of Tunnel Excavation in a Centrifuge
A New Technique of Kneading Compaction in the Laboratory
A new torsional shear device
A Non-Resonance Method for Measuring Dynamic Soil Properties
A Novel Triaxial Apparatus for Thermo-Mechanical Testing of Soils
A Novel Trimming Technique for Frozen Sand Specimens
A Numerical View into Direct Shear Specimen Size Effects
A Physical Model for Sloping Capillary Barriers
A Polyaxial System for Testing of Jointed Rock Mass Models
A Potential Model for Compaction Evaluation of Piedmont Soils Using Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)
A Revised Contact Filter Paper Method
A Short-circuit Electromagnetic Sensor for Measurement of Soil Complex Permittivity
A Simple Field Method to Qualify the State of Saturation in Capillary Barriers
A Simple Method for Air Volume Change Measurement in Triaxial Tests
A Simple Method for Estimating Poisson’s Ratio of Geosynthetics at Zero Strain
A Simple Triaxial System for Evaluating the Performance of Unsaturated Soils Under Repeated Loading
A Small True Triaxial Apparatus with Wave Velocity Measurement
A Soil Column Apparatus for Laboratory Infiltration Study
A Substitute Pore Fluid for Seismic Centrifuge Modeling
A Suction-Control Apparatus for the Measurement of P and S-wave Velocity in Soils
A Testing Unit for Monitoring Wall Permeability In Situ
A Triaxial and Oedometer Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils
A triaxial testing system to evaluate stress-strain behavior of soils for wide range of strain and strain rate
A True Triaxial Apparatus for Soil Testing with Mixed Boundary Conditions
Absorbed Energy and Compacted Cohesive Soil Performance
Absorption Water Content and Liquid Limit of Soils
Acoustic Compressional Wave Velocity as a Predictor of Glacio-marine Sediment Grain Size
Alternative Encasement Materials for Clod Test
An Alternative Test Method for Assessing Consistency Limits
An Apparatus for Direct Shear, Pullout, and Uniaxial Testing of Geogrids
An Assessment of the Effect of Rod Length on SPT Energy Calculations Based on Measured Field Data
An Electrokinetic Testing Apparatus for Undisturbed/Remoulded Soils Under In-Situ Stress Conditions
An Empirical Relationship between Rock Structure Rating and Rock Mass Rating
An Empirical Relationship for Determining Shear Wave Velocity in Granular Materials Accounting for Grain Morphology
An Evaluation of Geometric Factors Used in the Two-Stage Borehole Test (ASTM D6391-99) Using the Finite Element Method
An Evaluation of the Mechanical and Chemical Dispersion Methods for a Tropical Old Alluvium
An Experimental Study of the Mechanics of Two Weakly Cemented Soils
An Improved Experimental Test Set-up to Study the Performance of Granular Columns
An Improved Oedometer Apparatus to Measure Lateral Stress during Testing
An Improved Statistically Based Technique for Evaluating the CPT Friction Ratio
An Improved Volume Measurement for Determining Soil Water Retention Curves
An In Situ Test Method for Evaluating the Coupled Pore Pressure Generation and Nonlinear Shear Modulus Behavior of Liquefiable Soils
An In-situ Device for Rapid Determination of Permeability for Granular Bases
An Innovative Laboratory Box for Testing Nail Pull-Out Resistance in Soil
An Innovative Method of Load Testing Deep Foundations
An Internal Instrumentation for Axial and Radial Strain Measurements in Triaxial Tests
An Investigation of the Elastic Stress-Strain Behavior of a Banded Sandstone and a Sandstone-Like Material
An Oedometer-Type Pressure Plate SWCC Apparatus
An Optical Technique for Investigating Soil Displacement Patterns
Analysis of Factors Influencing the Shear Deformation of Granular Materials
Analysis of Installation of FDR Sensors in a Hard Soil
Analysis of Radial Consolidation Test Data Using a log-log Method
Anisotropic Consolidation Behavior of Soft Bangkok Clay
Anisotropic Stiffness Measurements in a Stress-Path Triaxial Cell
Apparatus and Procedures for Assessing Inorganic Diffusion Coefficients for Geosynthetic Clay Liners
Apparatus for Evaluation of Hydromechanical Behavior of Porous Media Subjected to Environmental Changes
Apparatus Induced Error in Hydraulic Conductivity Measurement Using a Lucite® Fixed Wall Permeameter
Application of High-Speed Digital CCD Cameras to Observe Static and Dynamic Deformation Characteristics of Sand
Application of Soil Stiffness Gauge in Assessing Small-Strain Stiffness of Sand with Different Fabrics and Densities
Application of TDR technology to water content monitoring of capillary barriers made of pulp and paper residues
Applied research using a transparent material with hydraulic properties similar to soil
Assessment of Damage to Geomembrane Liners by Shredded Scrap Tires
Assessment of Localized Deformations in Sand Using X-Ray Computed Tomography
Automated Digital Image Processing for Volume Change Measurement in Triaxial Cells
Automated Humidity System for Measuring Total Suction Characteristics of Clay
Automated Triaxial Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils
Behavior of Embedded Footings Supported on Geogrid Cell Reinforced Foundation Beds
Behavior of Granular Assemblies at High Velocity in a Large Open Shear Box
Bidimensional Swell Effect on Accuracy of Footing Heave Prediction
Blast-Induced Stress Wave Propagation and Attenuation: Centrifuge Model Versus Prototype Tests
Bubblepoint Testing of Geotextiles: Apparatus and Operation
Calibration Chamber Modeling of Compaction Grouting
Calibration of Five-Segment Time Domain Reflectometry Probes for Water Content Measurement in High Density Materials
Calibration of Testing Equipment for Reliable Small-Strain Deformation Measurements Using Synthetic Specimens
Camera Calibration Using Neural Network for Image-Based Soil Deformation Measurement Systems
Canadian Liquefaction Experiment (CANLEX): Blast-Induced Ground Motion and Pore Pressure Experiments
Cantilever-Type Local Deformation Transducer for Local Axial Strain Measurement in Triaxial Test
Capillary flow in the geotechnical centrifuge
CBR and DCP Correlation for Class C Fly Ash-Stabilized Soil
Cell size for water content-dielectric constant calibrations for time domain reflectometry
Centrifuge Modeling for Undergraduate Geotechnical Engineering Instruction
Centrifuge Modeling of Rigid Square Footings on Weak Jointed Rock
Centrifuge Modeling of Solid Waste Landfill Systems—Part 1: Development of a Model Municipal Solid Waste
Centrifuge Modeling of Solid Waste Landfill Systems—Part 2: Centrifuge Testing of Model Waste
Centrifuge Modeling of Surface Blast Effects on Underground Structures
Centrifuge Modeling of Tapered Piles in Sand
Centrifuge Seismic Modeling of Pile-Supported Wharves
Centrifuge Testing of Offshore Filters
Centrifuge Testing of Vertically Loaded Battered Pile Groups in Sand
Changes in Clay Swelling and Shear Strength Properties with Different Sample Preparation Techniques
Changes in interface stresses during pullout tests on geogrid strip reinforcement
Characterization of a Fiberglass Geotextile for Unsaturated In-Plane Water Transport
Characterization of Glyben for Seismic Applications
Characterization of Locked Sand from Northeastern Alberta
Characterization of SASW Phase Angle and Phase Velocity Measurement Uncertainty
Characterizing Bond Breakages in Cemented Sands Using a MEMS Accelerometer
Clogging Phenomena of the Residual Soil-Geotextile Filter System
Closure on Development of a New In-Situ Direct Shear Test
Closure to "Discussion of 'A Comparative Study of Suction-Induced Seepage Consolidation Versus Centrifuge Consolidation' by Patrick J. Fox" by R. G. Robinson, T. S. Tan, and F. H. Lee
Closure to Discussion on "The Use of Miniature Pore Pressure Transducers in Measuring Matric Suction in Unsaturated Soils" by K. K. Muraleetharan and K. K. Granger
Closure to Discussion on by Robert P. Chapius on ‘Ultrasonic Method for Evaluation of Annular Seals for Wells and Instrumented Holes’
Coefficient of Consolidation and its Correlation with Index Properties of Remolded Soils
Coefficient of Consolidation by the Slope Method
Collapse Behavior of Compacted Clays in Suction-Controlled Triaxial Tests
Collapse Behavior of Compacted Coal Ash Fills
Combined TDR and P-Wave Velocity Measurements for the Determination of In Situ Soil Density—Experimental Study
Comparative Evaluation of Geotextile Pore Sizes Using Bubble Point Test and Image Analysis
Comparison of Averaging Procedures for Point Load Testing of Rock
Comparison of Chilled-mirror Measurements and Filter Paper Estimates of Total Soil Suction
Comparison of Geotechnical Engineering Consolidation and Physical Science Filtration Testing Techniques for Soils and Suspensions
Comparison of Internal and Surface Erosion Using Flow Pump Tests on a Sand-Kaolinite Mixture
Comparison of Young's Moduli of Dense Sand and Gravel Measured by Dynamic and Static Methods
Comprehensive Wave Propagation Model to Improve TDR Interpretations for Geotechnical Applications
Compression Tests of Ultra-Soft Soil Using an Hydraulic Consolidation Cell
Consolidation and Permeability Behavior of Segregated and Homogeneous Sediments
Consolidation and Permeability of Transparent Amorphous Silica
Consolidation Characteristics and Undrained Strength of Saturated Soft Clay under Repeated Impact Loading
Consolidation Test at Constant Rate of Strain for Radial Drainage
Constant Flow Method for Concurrently Measuring Soil-Water Characteristic Curve and Hydraulic Conductivity Function
Constant rate of strain consolidation equipment and procedure for stabilized soils
Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation with Radial Drainage
Correlation Between Miniature Cone Tip Resistance and Shear Strength Parameters of Clean and Silty Sand Using a Conventional Triaxial Setup
Cyclic Response of Axially Loaded Tapered Piles
Design and Construction of Three Instrumented Test Piles to Examine Time Dependent Pile Capacity Gain
Design and Performance of a 1m Diameter Ring Shear Apparatus
Design and Performance of an Electro-Pneumatic Pile Hammer for Laboratory Applications
Design Considerations Related to the Performance of Erosion Control Products Combined with Soil Bioengineering Techniques
Design Criteria for Geotomographic Field Studies
Design of a Measurement Program for Bench-Scale PVD Remediation System Tests
Design of a Miniature Piezoprobe for High Resolution Stratigraphic Profiling
Design of an Instrumented Flat Dilatometer
Design, Fabrication, and Assembly of a Large Oedometer
Detecting and Quantifying Leakage Through Defective Borehole Seals: A New Methodology and Laboratory Verification
Detecting Subsurface Voids Using Ground-Coupled Penetrating Radar
Determination of Critical State Parameters in Sandy Soils--Simple Procedure
Determination of Cylindrical Soil Specimen Dimensions by Imaging with Application to Volume Change of Bentonite-Sand Mixtures
Determination of Diffusion Characteristics of Intact Rock Mass: A Critical Evaluation
Determination of Maximum and Minimum Densities of Poorly Graded Sands Using a Simplified Method
Determination of Multidirectional p-y Curves for Soft Clays
Determination of Shrinkage Limit of Fine-Grained Soils by Wax Method
Determination of Specific Gravity and Void Ratio of Pumice Materials
Determination of Surface and Thickness Characteristics of Textured Geomembranes Using Image Analysis
Determination of Surface Area of Fine-Grained Soils by the Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether (EGME) Method
Determination of the Diffusion Coefficient of Oxygen for a Cover System Including a Pulp and Paper By-Product
Determination of the Hydraulic Conductivity Function of a Highly Compressible Material Based on Tests with Saturated Samples
Determination of the plasticity index from flow index
Determination of the Soil Water Characteristic Curve of Highly Compressible Materials: Case Study of Pulp and Paper By-Product
Determination of the Transitional Fines Content of Mixtures of Sand and Non-plastic Fines
Determination of Thickness of Smooth Geomembranes
Determination of Water Saturation Using Miniature Resistivity Probes During Intermediate Scale and Centrifuge Multiphase Flow Laboratory Experiments
Determining Hydraulic Conductivity of Soil-Bentonite Using the API Filter Press
Determining the maximum density of sands by pluviation
Development and Calibration of a Large-Scale Thermal Conductivity Probe
Development and Calibration of a TDR Extensometer for Geotechnical Monitoring
Development of a Direct Shear Apparatus with Rock Joints and Its Verification Tests
Development of a Direct Simple Shear Apparatus for Peat Soils
Development of a Methodology for Evaluating Subsurface Concentrations of Pollutants Using Electrical Polarization Technique
Development of a Modified in situ Direct Shear Test Technique to Determine Shear Strength Parameters of Mine Rock Piles
Development of a Multiple-Purpose Borehole Testing Device for Soft Rock
Development of a New Hollow Cylinder Apparatus for Stress Path Measurements over a Wide Strain Range
Development of a New Hollow Cylinder Triaxial Apparatus for the Study of Expansion Tests in Clay
Development of a New In-Situ Direct Shear Test
Development of a Spreadsheet for Modeling SPT Stress Wave Data
Development of a Stress/Suction-Controlled True Triaxial Testing Device for Unsaturated Soils
Development of a True Triaxial Apparatus for Sands and Gravels
Development of an Apparatus to Investigate the Stress Variables Governing Unsaturated Soil Behavior
Development of an Axisymmetric Field Simulator for Cone Penetration Tests in Sand
Development of an In Situ Dynamic Liquefaction Test
Development of pile driver and load set for pile group in centrifuge
Development Of RECP Performance Test Methods
Development of TDR Penetrometer through Theoretical and Laboratory Investigations: 2. Measurement of Soil Electrical Conductivity
Development of TDR Penetrometer Through Theoretical and Laboratory Investigations: 1. Measurement of Soil Dielectric Permittivity
Digital Image Correlation to Evaluate Shear Banding in Dilative Sands
Digitally Controlled Simple Shear Apparatus for Dynamic Soil Testing
Direct Shear Testing of a Marginal Material Using a Large Shear Box
Direct Sheer Interface Test for Shaft Capacity of Piles in Sand
Direct Simple Shear Testing for Post-Cyclic Degradation in Stiffness of Nonplastic Silt
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Discussion on ‘Ultrasonic Method for Evaluation of Annular Seals for Wells and Instrumented Holes’ by N. Yesiller, T. B. Edil, and C. H. Benson
Drip Injection of Chemical Grouts: A New Apparatus
Dynamic Properties of Geosynthetic Interfaces
Dynamic Properties of Granulated Rubber/Sand Mixtures
Effect of Aging on Swelling and Swell-Shrink Behavior of a Compacted Expansive Soil
Effect of Compaction Conditions on the Seismic Compression of Compacted Fill Soils
Effect of Compaction Duration on the Induced Stress Levels in a Laboratory Prepared Sand Bed
Effect of Leachate Composition on the Adsorption Properties of Two Soils
Effect of Pile Installation Method on Pipe Pile Behavior in Sands
Effect of Presence of Rigid Base within the Soil on the Dynamic Response of Rigid Surface Foundation
Effect of Specimen Preparation Method on the Stress-Strain Behavior of Sand in Plane-Strain Compression Tests
Effect of Specimen Size on Quasi-Elastic Properties of Toyoura Sand in Hollow Cylinder Triaxial and Torsional Shear Tests
Effect on Measured Shear Strength of Wedge Shear Box Spacing
Effects of Back Pressure and Strain Rate Used in Triaxial Testing of Stabilized Organic Soils and Clays
Effects of Calcium Sulfate on Swelling Potential of an Expansive Clay
Effects of Installation Method on Sand Compaction Piles in Clay in the Centirfuge
Effects of Non-Plastic Fines on Minimum and Maximum Void Ratios of Sand
Effects of Particle Shape and Gradation on the Results of Miniature DCP Tests in Sand
Effects of Small Cement Content on Consolidation Behavior of a Lacustrine Clay
Effects of Specimen Size and Some Other Factors on the Strength and Deformation of Granular Soil in Direct Shear Tests
Effects of Swelling During Saturation in Triaxial Tests in Clays
Efficiency of Seepage Consolidation for Preparation of Clay Substrate for Centrifuge Testing
EIT Oedometer: An Advanced Cell to Monitor Spatial and Time Variability in Soil with Electrical and Seismic Measurements
Elastic Modulus of Geogrid-Reinforced Sand Using Plate Load Tests
Electro-Osmotic Consolidation of Soft Bangkok Clay Using Copper and Carbon Electrodes with PVD
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Model for Differentiation of Geotechnical Disturbances along Buried Cables
Empirical Function Representing the Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils
Empirical Performance Classification for Cohesive Embankment Soils
Engineering Properties of Wet-Pluviated Hollow Cylindrical Specimens
Estimation of Osmotic Suction from Electrical Conductivity and Water Content Measurements in Unsaturated Soils
Estimation of Post-Driving Residual Stresses
Estimation of the Apparent Permeability in the Dynamic Centrifuge Tests
Evaluation and Application of the Transient-Pulse Technique for Determining the Hydraulic Properties of Low-Permeability Rocks---Part 1: Theoretical Evaluation
Evaluation and Application of the Transient-Pulse Technique for Determining the Hydraulic Properties of Low-Permeability Rocks---Part 2: experimental application
Evaluation of a Modified Soluble Sulfate Determination Method for Fine-Grained Cohesive Soils
Evaluation of Geomembranes Using an Ultrasonic Method
Evaluation of Gravel Stiffness by Pulse Wave Transmission Tests
Evaluation of Initial Specimen Condition and Its Effect on Consolidation Properties of Saturated Clay
Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential and Dynamic Properties of Silty Sand Using Cyclic Triaxial Testing
Evaluation of Multi-Electrode Earth Resistivity Testing in Karst
Evaluation of quasi-elastic properties of gravel using a large-scale true triaxial apparatus
Evaluation of Rock Bolt Integrity using Guided Ultrasonic Waves
Evaluation of Shear Wave Velocity Based Soil Liquefaction Resistance Criteria by Centrifuge Tests
Evaluation of the Base Condition of Drilled Shafts by the Impact-Echo Method
Evaluation of the First Mode of Vibration and Base Fixidity in Resonant-Column Testing
Evaluation of Ultrasonic Testing in Rock Material Characterization
Evaluation of Various Downhole Data Reduction Methods for Obtaining Reliable Vs Profiles
Evaluation of Various Pedo-Transfer Functions for Developing Soil-Water Characteristic Curve of a Silty Soil
Evaluation of Woven Geotextile Pore Structure Parameters Using Image Analysis
Examination of Proof Test Extrapolation for Drilled Shafts
Experience with the Use of Methylcellulose as a Viscous Pore Fluid in Centrifuge Models
Experiment Setup for Shear Wave and Electrical Resistance Measurements in an Oedometer
Experimental and Data Analysis Techniques Used for High Strain Rate Tests on Conhesionless Soil
Experimental Bench for Study of Settling-Consolidation Soil Formation
Experimental Evaluation of Consolidation Behavior of Stiff Clay Lumps in Reclamation Fill
Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Response of Compacted Clayey Soils
Experimental Study of Sand Production from a Supported Wellbore in Weakly Consolidated Sandstone
Experimental Study on Fracture Behavior of a Silty Clay
Experiments with a Miniature Piezocone in Thinly Layered Soil
Explosive Induced Pore Pressure in a Sandfill Dam
Extracting Piezometric Level and Hydraulic Conductivity from Tests in Driven Flush-Joint Casings
Factors Affecting the Filter Paper Method for Total and Matric Suction Measurements
Falling-Head Permeability Tests in an Unconfined Sand Aquifer
Fast and accurate techniques for determination of water content in soils
Field Testing of Inclined Cone Penetration
Filtration Performance of Two-Layer Geotextile Systems
Flowable Fill as Geotechnical Material in Highway Cross-Drain Trenches
Foundations on Rock, Second Edition, Reviewed by Howard J. Pincus
Free Energy of Water-Suction-in Filter Papers
Free Swell Ratio and Clay Mineralogy of Fine-Grained Soils
Frequency Domain Determination of G Using Bender Elements
Geotechnical Characterization and Sedimentation Behavior of Laterite Slurries
Geotechnical Sensor System to Monitor Injected Liquids in Landfills
Granular Pile-Anchor Foundation (GPAF) System for Improving the Engineering Behavior of Expansive Clay Beds
Horizontal Coefficient of Consolidation of Soft Bangkok Clay
Horizontally Mounted Bender Elements for Measuring Anisotropic Shear Moduli in Triaxial Clay Specimens
Hydraulic conductivity testing of geosynthetic clay liners (GLCs) using the constant volume method
Identification of Collapsible Soil Using the Fall Cone Apparatus
Image Processing Technique for Determining the Concentration of a Chemical in a Fluid-Saturated Porous Medium
Imaging of Rock Fractures with Low-Frequency Ultrasonic Reflection/Diffraction
Improved Complex Permittivity Measurement and Data Processing Technique for Soil-Water Systems
In Situ Evaluation of Radioisotope Cone Penetrometers in Clays
Index properties of illite-bentonite mixtures in electrolyte solutions
Indirect Diametrical Tensile Testing with Internal Displacement Measurement and Stiffness Determination
Influence of Matric Suction on the Results of Plate Load Tests Performed on a Lateritic Soil Deposit
Influence of Membrane and Filter Paper on Plane-Strain Testing of Soft Sedimentary Rock
Influence of Mica Content on Time Domain Reflectometry and Soil Water Characteristic Curve of Coarse Granular Materials
Influence of Peripheral Velocity on Vane Shear Strength of an Artificial Clay
Influence of procedural variables on the gradient ratio test
Influence of reconsolidation techniques and strain rate on the stiffness of undisturbed clays from triaxial tests
Influence of Soaking on Stress-Strain Characteristics of Fly Ash
Influence of specimen-reconstituting method on the undrained response of sand
Influence of Test Method on Direct Shear Behavior of Segmental Retaining Wall Units
Influence of the Loading Apparatus on the Stresses within Biaxial Specimens
Instrumentation of an Unsaturated Expansive Soil Slope
Instrumentation of an unsaturated residual soil slope
Instrumentation of Anchored Segmental Retaining Wall
Instrumentation of Bored Concrete Piles for Horizontal Load Tests
Interaction Between Hexagonal Wire Mesh Reinforcement and Silty Sand Backfill
Interaction Between Hexagonal Wire Reinforcement and Rubber Tire Chips With and Without Sand Mixture
Interface Behavior of Sands from Constant Normal Stiffness Direct Shear Tests
Interface Direct Shear Testing of Unsaturated Soil
Interfacial Behavior of Unsaturated Soil with Small-scale Models and Use of Image Processing Techniques
Interfacial Parameters and Work of Adhesion in Soil-Liquid Systems
Interpretation of Pressuremeter Results for Design of a Diaphragm Wall
Interpretation of Seismic Piezocone Results For the Estimation of Hydraulic Conductivity in Clays
Interpreting Variable-head Tests Performed in Open Boreholes or Monitoring Wells with Several Screens
Introduction to the 25th Anniversary Edition
Investigation of Resonant Frequency and Amplitude of Vibrating Footing Resting on a Layered Soil System
Investigations on Sand Reinforced with Different Geosynthetics
Ko-Volume Change Characteristics of an Unsaturated Soil with Respect to Various Loading Paths
Laboratory and Field Shear Wave Measurement at a Reclaimed Site in West Taiwan
Laboratory Calibration of Earth Pressure Cells
Laboratory Characterization of Stress-Strain Behavior of Soils by Stress and/or Strain Path Loading
Laboratory Evaluation of Cemented Backfill Materials for Mines
Laboratory Evaluation of Pullout Capacity of Reinforced Silty Sands in Drained and Undrained Conditions
Laboratory Procedure to Obtain Well-Mixed Soil Binder Samples of Medium Stiff to Stiff Expansive Clayey Soil for Deep Soil Mixing Simulation
Laboratory Testing of Concrete-rock Joints in Constant Normal Stiffness Direct Shear
Laboratory Tests on the Rate of Piping Erosion of Soils in Embarkment Dams
Large Dynamic Direct Shear Machine for Geosynthetic Clay Liners
Large-scale Apparatus for Monotonic and Cyclic Soil-Structure Interface Test
Large-Scale Model Footing Tests on Geogrid-Reinforced Foundation and Marginal Embankment Soils
Lateral Load Behavior of Jetted Piles
Leak-Free Pressure Plate Extractor for Measuring the Soil Water Characteristic Curve
Limiting Compression Curves
Liquefaction and Instability of a Granular Fill Material
Liquefaction Testing of Layered Sand-Gravel Composites
Liquid Extraction Using Prefabricated Vertical Wells (PVWs) Under Vacuum in Clay
Liquid Limit and Specific Surface of Clay Particles
Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Driven Piles Using Dynamic Methods--a Florida Perspective
Local Radial Displacement Measurements of Soil Specimens in a Triaxial Test Apparatus Using Laser Transducers
LVDT Based System for the Measurement of the Prefailure Behavior of Geomaterials
Measurement of Gmax and Estimation of K0 of Saturated Clay Using Bender Elements in an Oedometer
Measurement of Crystalline Swelling in Expansive Clay
Measurement of Energy and Strength of Sand at Critical State
Measurement of Normal Pressures and Friction Forces Acting on Buried Pipes Subjected to Cyclic Axial Displacements in Laboratory Experiments
Measurement of Quasi-Elastic Stiffness Parameters of Dense Toyoura Sand in Hollow Cylinder Apparatus and Triaxial Apparatus with Bender Elements
Measurement of Rock Joint Roughness by 3D Scanner
Measurement of Side Friction between Specimen and Consolidation Ring with Newly Designed Oedometer
Measurement of Uniformity and Anisotropy in Granular Materials
Measuring “Fast” Shear Strengths Along Slickensided Surfaces in the Bromhead Ring Shear
Measuring Drained Residual Strengths in the Bromhead Ring Shear
Measuring Radial Total Stresses on Model Suction Caissons in Clay
Measuring Shear Wave Velocity Using Bender Elements
Measuring Soil Contact Pressure on a Solid Boundary and Quantifying Soil Arching
Measuring Soil Electrical Resistivity Using a Resistivity Box and a Resistivity Probe
Measuring the Effect of Mixed Grading on the Maximum Dry Density of Sands
Mechanical Behavior of a Pulverized Fly Ash Grouted Sand
Mechanical Behavior of an Unsaturated Soil Under Multi-Axial Stress States
Mechanical durability of expanded shale lightweight aggregate
Mechanical Properties of Shredded Tires
Membrane Penetration Remedy for the Testing of Lightly Cemented Scrap Rubber Tire Chips
Method for Determining the Coefficient of Permeability of Clays
Method to Rapidly Assess the Index Properties of Fine-Grained Dredged Materials
Methods for Deriving p-y Curves from Instrumented Lateral Load Tests
Methylene Blue Surface Area Method to Correlate with Specific Soil Properties
Mini Compaction Test Apparatus for Fine Grained Soils
Miniature Cone Penetration in Soft and Stiff Clays
Model for Capillary-induced Radial Flow in Cohesionless Soils
Model Pile Pull-Out Tests Using Polyethylene Sheets to Reduce Downdrag on Cast In Situ Piles
Model studies of the 1988 Kettleman Hills landfill slope failure
Model Studies on Geocell Supported Embankments Constructed over a Soft Clay Foundation
Modified Fluid Loss Test as an Improved Measure of Hydraulic Conductivity for Bentonite
Modified Ohio’s Curves: A Rapid Estimation of Compaction Curves for Coarse- and Fine-Grained Soils
Modified Ring Shear Apparatus for Unsaturated Soils Testing
Modified Triaxial Apparatus for Shearing-Infiltration Test
Monitoring Field Soil Suction Using a Miniature Tensiometer
Monitoring the Hydraulic Conductivity of Crushing Sands
New and Economical Mixing Method of Cement-Admixed Clay for DMM Application
New Apparatus for Evaluating Filter Performance for Dams Containing Cracks
New Local System of Measurement of Axial Strains for Triaxial Apparatus Using LVDT
New Method to Determine the True Water Content of Organic Soils
New Sample Holder for the Preparation of Undisturbed Fine-Grained Soil Specimens for Laboratory Element Testing
New Slurry Displacement Method for Reconstitution of Highly Gap-Graded Specimens for Laboratory Element Testing
New Tool for Shear Wave Velocity Measurements in Model Tests
New Wave Equation Technique for High Strain Impact Testing of Driven Piles
Non-linear behavior of lateral-loaded pile taking into account the shear stress at the sand
Nonlinear Curve-Fitting Procedures for Developing Soil-Water Characteristic Curves
Numerical Simulation of Water Movement in the Suction Equalization of a Thermal Conductivity Sensor
Oedometer Consolidation Test Analysis by Nonlinear Regression
On the Identification of Critical State Lines for Sands
On the Use of Multi-directional Piezoelectric Transducers in Triaxial Testing
One-Dimensional Compression Tests on Stabilized Clays Incorporating Shear Wave Velocity Measurements
One-Dimensional Shock-Induced Pore Pressure Response in Saturated Carbonate Sand
Optimization of Aspect Ratio of Waste Tire Shreds in Sand-Shred Mixtures Using CBR Tests
Optimum Design of the Comparative Gas Pycnometer for Determining the Volume of Solid Particles
Oxygen Diffusion Coefficient of Soils at High Degrees of Saturation
P-Wave Reflection Imaging
Particle Density of Volcanic Scoria Determined by Water Pycnometry
Particle Motion Tracking Utilizing a High-Resolution Digital CCD Camera
Percussion and Cone Methods of Determining the Liquid Limit of Soils: Controlling Mechanisms
Performance Evaluation of Automated Machines for Measuring Gradation of Aggregates
Performance of Centrifuge Data Acquisition Systems Using Wireless Transmission
Performance of Drilled Shafts with Isolation Tubes in an Expansive Environment
Performing Undrained Shear Tests on Saturated Sands in a New Intelligent Type of Ring Shear Apparatus
Permeability of Two-Layer Soils
Permeability Tests in Rigid-Wall Permeameters: Determining the Degree of Saturation, Its Evolution and Its Influence on Test Results
Physical and Mechanical Properties of Injected Sand with Latex—Superplasticized Grouts
Physical Modeling of Landslide Stabilization Methods in an Overconsolidated Clay
Pile Settlement and Uplift in Liquefying Sand Deposit
Plane strain strength and deformation of sands affected by batch variations and different apparatus types
Polymer Capacitance Sensors for Measuring Soil Gas Humidity in Drier Soils
Potential Phase Unwrapping Errors Associated with SASW Measurements at Soft-Over-Stiff Sites
Predicting the Shear Strength Envelope of Unsaturated Soils
Prediction of Effective Porosity of Contaminated Fine Grained Soils Using Electrical Properties
Prediction of Field Compressibility from Laboratory Consolidation Tests of Peats and Organic Soils
Preparation of epoxy impregnated sand coupons for image analysis
Probabilistic CPT Method for Estimating the Ultimate Capacity of Friction Piles
Procedures Used for Dynamically Laterally Loaded Pile Tests in a Centrifuge
Profiling of Heterogeneous Soil Using the Nuclear-Density Cone Penetrometer
Properties and Behavior of Raw Sludge Mixed with Pulverized Fuel Ash and Lime
Properties of Singapore Marine Clays Improved by Cement Mixing
Quick and Reliable Procedure for Liquid Limit Determination of Fine-Grained Soils
Rapid Estimation of Compaction Parameters for Field Control
Rapid Pseudo-Static Measurement of Hysteretic Capillary Pressure-Saturation Relationships in Unconsolidated Porous Media
Rate-Controlled Lateral-load Pile Tests Using a Robotic Manipulator in Centrifuge
Reduction of Boundary Friction in Model Tests
Relative moisture and moisture deficiency of desiccated expansive cohesive soil deposits
Removable Borehole Extensometers for Measuring Axial Displacements During Well Tests
Representative Elementary Volume Analysis of Sands Using X-Ray Computed Tomography
Reproducibility of Direct Shear Tests Conducted on Granular Backfill Materials
Residual Fluid as a Source of Error in Bubble Point Testing
Resilient and Permanent Characteristics of Reinforced Granular Materials by Repeated Load Triaxial Tests
Resonant Column Testing: The Inherent Counter EMF Effect
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Retaining Wall Model Test with Waste Foundry Sand Mixture Backfill
Ring shear tests on a carbonate sandy silt
Role of Soil Structure and Matric Suction in Collapse of a Compacted Clay Soil
S-Wave Velocity Tomography: Small-Scale Laboratory Application
Sample Preparation of Silts for Liquefaction Testing
Sample Preparation Technique for Artificially Cemented Soils
Sand-to-Concrete Interface Response to Complex Load Paths in a Large Displacement Shear Box
Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Recycled Asphalt Pavement
Sealed Double-Ring Infiltrometers for Estimating Very Low Hydraulic Conductivities
Self-Healing of Concentrated Leaks at Core-Filter Interfaces in Earth Dams
Shake Table Calibration and Specimen Preparation for Liquefaction Studies in the Centrifuge
Shear and Interface Strength of Clay at Very Low Effective Stress
Shear Band Characterization of Triaxial Sand Specimens Using Computed Tomography
Shear banding in a sedimentary soft mudstone subjected to plane strain compression
Shear Deformation of Locked Sand in Triaxial Compression
Shear Displacement Dependent Strength of Municipal Solid Waste and Its Major Constituent
Shear Load Tests on Stone Columns With and Without Geosynthetic Encasement
Shear Strength and Stress-Strain behavior of Contaminated Soils
Shear Strength Characteristics of Madinah Clay with Sand Compaction Piles
Shear strength characterization of geosynthetic interfaces on inclined planes
Shear Strength Estimation of Sandy Soils Using Shear Wave Velocity
Shear Strength of Degraded Reconsitituted Municipal Solid Waste
Shear Testing of Soft Rock Masses
Shear Wave Velocity of a Compacted Clayey Silt
Shear-Wave Velocity to Determine Vertical Stress Share on Column-Sand Samples
Shrinkage Limit of Soil Mixtures
Sidewall Leakage in Hydraulic Conductivity Testing of Asphalt Concrete Specimens
Significance of Soil Suction and Soil Water Characteristic Curve Parameters
Simple Shear Test for Interfaces Between Core and Filter Soils in Rock-Fill Dams
Simplified seepage consolidation test for soft sediments
Simulation of Pressuremeter Shearing Mode by True Triaxial Apparatus
Simultaneous Measurement of Surface Wave Dispersion and Attenuation Curves
Soil Stiffness Evaluation for Compaction Control of Cohesionless Embankments
Solution Retention Capacity as an Alternative to the Swell Index Test for Sodium Bentonite
Specimen Size and Scale Effects of Direct Shear Box Tests of Sands
Specimen Size Effects for Fiber-Reinforced Silty Clay in Unconfined Compression
Stabilization of Dune Sand Using Foamed Asphalt
Statistical Evaluation of the Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Lateritic Soil
Steady State Strength of Sands in a Constant Volume Ring Shear Apparatus
Strain Measurement of Geogrids Using a Video-Extensometer Technique
Strength and Deformation Behavior of Soft Bangkok Clay
Strength of Sands in Wedge Shear, Triaxial Shear, and Shear Box Tests
Stress-Strain Behavior of a Granular Fill Measured by a New Plane-Strain Apparatus
Stress-Strain Strength Characteristics of a Marine Soil with Different Clay Contents
Study of a Displacement Measurement Method Inside a Small-Sized Model Ground in Laboratory Test
Suction Equilibration Time for a High Capacity Tensiometer
Swelling Behavior of a Desiccated Clay
Tensile Test Method Effect on the Tensile Strength of Flexible PET Geogrids
Testing Rockfill Under Relative Humidity Control
Testing the Hydromechanical Behavior of a Compacted Swelling Soil
The Accuracy of Hydrometer Analysis for Fine-Grained Clay Particles
The Application of Computer-Assisted Tomography in the Analysis of Fracture Geometry
The Danish Rigid Boundary True Triaxial Apparatus for Soil Testing
The Development of a Suction Control System for a Triaxial Apparatus
The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer in Compaction Verification on a Model Road Pavement
The Effect of Gypsum Cementation on the Mechanical Behavior of Gravely Sands
The effects of varying centerline tube sampling disturbance on the behavior of reconstituted clay
The Elastomer Gage for Local Strain Measurement in Monotonic and Cyclic Soil Testing
The Filter Paper Method Revisited
The Influence of Biofilm on the Mechanical Behavior of Sand
The Influence of Variation of Centrifugal Acceleration and Model Container Size on Accuracy of Centrifuge Test
The Louisiana Plane Strain Apparatus for Soil Testing
The Physicochemical Interaction Between PHPA Polymer Slurry and Cement Mortar
The Quality of Continuous Soil Samples
The Shrink Swell Test
The Suitability of the Osmotic Technique for the Long-term Testing of Partly Saturated Soils
The Use Of Embedded Stress Cells For Monitoring Pavement Performance
The Use of Filter-Paper and Suction-Plate Methods for Determining the Soil-Water Characteristic Curve of Undisturbed Colluvium Soils
The use of miniature pore pressure transducers in measuring matric suction in unsaturated soils
Time Domain Reflectometry Development for Use in Geotechnical Engineering
Time-dependent stress-strain behavior of soft Hong Kong marine deposits
Toe-Driven Tapered Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Self-Consolidating Concrete Composite Piles: New High-Performance Technology for Deep Foundations
Tomographic Detection of Low-Velocity Anomalies with Limied Data Sets (Velocity and Attenuation)
Tomographic Evaluation of Air and Water Flow Patterns in Soil Column
Transmissivity of a Nonwoven Polypropylene Geotextile Under Suction
Triaxial Compression of Clay Reinforced with Sand-Coir Fiber Core
Triaxial System Measuring Loading-Rate Effects of Sand Deformation in Cycle Test
Triaxial Ultra-Small Strain Measurements Using Laser Interferometry
True Triaxial Testing System for Clay with Proportional-Integral-Differential (PID) Control
Twin-Cell Stress Path Apparatus for Testing Unsaturated Soils
Uniformity of Axial Displacement in Element Testing
Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of mine tailings under wetting and drying conditions
Uplift Behavior of Horizontal Anchor Plates Buried in Geosynthetic Reinforced Slopes
Use of 'Zero Controlled Gradient' Tests to Determine EOP Compression Behavior
Use of a Differential Pressure Transducer for the Monitoring of Soil Volume Change in Cyclic Triaxial Test on Unsaturated Soils
Use of a Downhole Block Sampler for Very Soft Organic Soils
Use of EPS Grains to Simulate the Behavior of MSW in Simple Shear
Using Electrical Conductivity to Estimate Properties of Mineral Slurries Used in Drilled Shaft Construction
Using High Speed Video Imaging in the Study of Cracking Processes in Rock
Using the Velocity Graph Method to Interpret Rising-Head Permeability Tests after Dewatering the Screen
Utilization of an Industrial Waste in Calcareous Expansive Clay Stabilization
Utilization of Quarry Dust to Improve the Geotechnical Properties of Soils in Highway Construction
Validation and Calibration of a Laboratory Experimental Setup for Cross-Well Radar in Sand
Vane Shear Behavior of Soft Bangkok Clay
Variable-Head Field Permeability Tests in Driven Flush-Joint Casings: Physical and Numerical Modeling
Variations in Membrane Contact Patterns of Reconstituted Sand Specimens
Vibratory Plate Loading of Compacted and Instrumented Field Soil Beds
Viscous Effects on the Stress-Strain Behavior of Gravelly Soil in Drained Triaxial Compression
Void Ratio-Suction Behavior of Remolded Ariake Clays
Volume Change Measurement of Soil Specimen in Triaxial Test
Volumetric Shrinkage Strain Measurements in Expansive Soils Using Digital Imaging Technology