Technical Committee Awards

    Staff Contact: Maryann Zamorski Phone: 610-832-9684

    ASTM International committees present Technical Committee Awards, which are administered throughout the year at the discretion of the committee, usually during committee meetings or other appropriate functions. These awards may be given to show appreciation for outstanding service to the committee or subcommittee, outstanding contributions to the development of a standard or group of standards and to show appreciation for a specific service. The most common is an Award of Appreciation or Special Service Award given for reasons such as:

    • Outstanding service to the committee or subcommittee
    • Outstanding contribution to the development of a standard or group of standards
    • Outstanding technical contributions to the field of the committee
    • Best symposium presentation
    • Certificate of appreciation for a specific service, such as serving as symposium chairman
    • Honorary Membership in a technical committee for a lifetime of achievement is another form of recognition

    Committees often establish criteria for these awards, including how often they may be given, who nominates the candidates, and how the recipients are chosen. ASTM provides several styles of award certificates, some with standard citations, some blank that are professionally inscribed. Awards may also take shapes other than conventional. For example, some awards bear the likenesses of their distinguished namesakes.

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