New Member Orientation

    Welcome to the New Membership Orientation portion of the ASTM International website, devoted to providing assistance to all who have recently become members of ASTM Intl., and offers specific information in the following key areas:

    About ASTM International

    General Information about ASTM International. The organization's history, mission, structure and operation.

    Effective Participation

    Optimize your participation in and benefit from the ASTM International Standards development process

    How Standards Get Developed

    Learn about creating new standards, modifying existing standards, and find out how standards are produced.

    The Committee Web Page

    Have you recently joined a technical committee, or are you interested in a specific committee's web page? These pages allow access to download the next meeting schedule, listings of standards developed by a committee, roster information, meeting minutes and more.

    Please visit the Virtual Classroom For Members for additional training sessions

    To learn more about attending your first ASTM meeting, please click here