The ASTM International Awards and Recipients Database
    Recipient Received Award Committee Awarded By
    Udd, John 2006 Richard S. Ladd Standards Development Award D18
    Udd, John 2008 Special Service Award D18
    Uherek, Gregory 2011 Richard S. Ladd Standards Development Award D18
    Uherek, Gregory 2017 Special Service Award D18
    Ullman, Neil 1994 Award of Merit E11
    Ullman, Neil 2007 Award of Appreciation E11
    Ullman, Neil 2008 Harold F. Dodge Award E11
    Ullman, Neil 2009 Award of Appreciation E11
    Ullman, Neil 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award E11
    Ullrich, William 2006 Jerry W. Gambrell Award F14
    Ullrich, William 2013 Award of Appreciation F14
    Ulrich, James 2003 Honorary Membership Award F03
    Ulrich, James 1998 Award of Appreciation F03
    Ulrich, William 1991 Award of Merit F14
    Umbreit, Stanton 1960 Award of Merit F01
    Unal, Ozer 2001 Award of Appreciation C28
    Underwood, John 1999 Edward T. Wessel Award E08
    Underwood, John 2000 Award of Appreciation E08
    Underwood, John 1990 George R. Irwin Award E08
    Underwood, John 1985 Award of Merit E08
    Underwood, Ervin 1986 Joseph R. Vilella Award E04
    Underwood, Richard 2015 Robert E Fairer Award (Formerly called the M.O.S.E.S Award) F04
    Unger, William 1983 Honorary Member E10
    Unger, Peter 2016 Award of Merit E36 Society
    Unger, Peter 2016 30 Year Service Award E36
    Upitis, Elmar 2005 Award of Merit A01
    Upitis, Elmar 2001 Award of Appreciation A01
    Upitis, Elmar 2013 Award of Excellence A01
    Uranga-Baker, Adriana 2004 Award of Appreciation E10
    Uranga-Baker, Adriana 2000 Award of Appreciation E10

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