The ASTM International Awards and Recipients Database
    Recipient Received Award Committee Awarded By
    Quarles, Stephen 2011 Award of Recognition E05
    Quarles, Stephen 2014 Award of Recognition E05
    Quartly, Jonathan 2007 Award of Appreciation C26
    Quigley, Reed 1983 Award of Merit E01
    Quigley, Reed 1981 H.V. Churchill Award E01
    Quinn, George 2007 Advanced Ceramics Award C28
    Quinn, Patrick 2002 Award of Appreciation F11
    Quinn, George 2000 Award of Appreciation C28
    Quinn, George 1993 Award of Merit C28
    Quinn, P 1986 Award of Appreciation D13
    Quinn, Gary 2008 Certificate of Appreciation E53
    Quinn, William 2011 Laboratory Participants Award D18
    Quinn, George 2009 Certificate of Appreciation F04
    Quinn, George 2014 Award of Appreciation C28
    Quinn, William 2017 Special Service Award D18
    Quinn, Gary 2018 Award of Appreciation E53
    Quinn, William 2019 Woodland G. Shockley Memorial Award D18
    Qutten, Edward 1998 Award of Excellence D02

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