William C. Cullen Award - Guidelines

    William C. Cullen Award 

    Award Criteria  

    The William C. Cullen Award shall be presented not more frequently than once a year to a member, or former member, of Committee D08.  The awardee shall be living at the time of the Award nomination and shall have a significant number of the attributes that follow.   

    The nominee shall:  

    • be well known in the field of roofing and waterproofing. 
    • have made significant and sustained original contributions to the advancement of roofing-waterproofing science and technology.
    • have made major contributions to the utilization of roofing-waterproofing science and technology by business and industry.
    • have expertise, knowledge, and extensive experience regarding both the theoretical and practical aspects of roofing and waterproofing performance.
    • be an active member, or former member, of ASTM Committee D08, who has made substantial contributions to standards development, as exemplified through chairing of task groups, chairing of subcommittees or otherwise being a member of the D08 Executive Subcommittee, regular attendance at meetings including valued participation in task group deliberations, and habitual return of ballots.
    • be widely published including authoring papers in ASTM STPs sponsored by Committee D08.
    • be an active member of professional organizations related to the roofing and waterproofing industry with significant contributions made toward those organizations’ growth.
    • display a willingness to share knowledge of the roofing and waterproofing business and industry with others as exemplified through papers, articles, textbooks or chapters, conference presentations and related seminars, teaching, and consulting.
    • have admirable personal characteristics such as integrity, objectivity, sincerity, humility, and sensitivity. 

    Selection Process

    • Any member of Committee D08 can provide a nominee and substantiating documentation to the D08 Awards and Honors Subcommittee.  Alternatively, the D08 Awards and Honors Subcommittee can nominate an individual at its own discretion.  More than one nomination may be made for a given year.
    • The D08 Awards and Honors Subcommittee shall formalize the nomination and make it available to the D08 chair before the D08 June meeting.  The nomination shall be accompanied by documentation of the candidate’s qualifications for the Award.
    • Review of the nomination for acceptance or rejection shall be performed by an ad-hoc Cullen Award Review Committee.
    • The D08 chair shall appoint the ad-hoc Cullen Award Review Committee.  This committee shall consist of 5 individuals (including a chair) selected from among the D08 members.
    • The nomination and its review shall be held in strict confidence by those preparing the nomination and those reviewing it for acceptance or rejection.  The D08 Executive Committee minutes shall at most reflect only that nomination is made.  The name of the nominee shall not be included in the minutes.
    • The Cullen Award Review Committee shall review the nomination using a numerical rating system (Attachment 1).  Reviewers of the nomination shall not confer with each other during the review process.  Successful nominations shall achieve a total point score of > 240 points combined from the five reviewers.
    • The Award Review Committee shall notify the D08 chair and the D08 Awards and Honors Subcommittee of the results of its review by September 1.  The D08 chair shall notify an Award recipient and also ASTM Headquarters by September 15.
    • The Award shall be presented by the ASTM Chairman of the Board at the D08 Main Committee meeting in December.  The D08 Awards and Honors Subcommittee shall work with Headquarters to assure successful planning of the Award ceremony including preparation of the recipient’s plaque.
    • If two or more individuals are nominated in a given year and they are found to have a sufficient number of total points to qualify for the Award, the recipient shall be the nominee receiving the highest total points.  An individual qualifying for the Award, but not receiving it, shall only be considered in any subsequent year upon re-nomination.
    • The Award shall not be given if no qualified candidates are identified.  

    Award Format

    The William C. Cullen Award shall consist of an engraved black brass plaque with nameplates engraved with the names of recipients and years of the awards.  This plaque shall be mounted on the wall of ASTM Headquarters that honors winners of Technical Committee awards.  The recipient shall be presented with a wooden wall plaque.  

    The citation on the Headquarters plaque shall read

    William C. Cullen Award

    Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing  

    In recognition of outstanding contributions and personal commitment to Committee D08

    and to the field of roofing and waterproofing as exemplified by the

    distinguished accomplishments in this field by William C. Cullen  

    Plaque donated by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) 

    The citation on the recipient’s plaque shall read 

    William C. Cullen Award


    ASTM Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing  

    Presented to:

    Recipient Name  

    In recognition of (his/her) distinguished contributions

    and personal commitment to Committee D08

    and to the field of roofing and waterproofing

    through (his/her) dedication and leadership in the industry.                                                                                                



    The William C. Cullen Award plaque displayed at ASTM Headquarters was financed through a corporate donation from the National Roofing Contractors Association.  The fee for engraving a recipient’s name on the Headquarters plaque and the furnishing of the recipient’s plaque shall be financed with D08 Committee funds and/or with the assistance of funding available from ASTM Headquarters’ award allowance.

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