Wayne W. Stinchcomb Memorial Lecture and Award - Guidelines


    The Wayne W. Stinchcomb Memorial Lecture and Award was established in memory of Wayne W. Stinchcomb, a Fellow of the Society and past Chairman of Committee D30. Wayne demonstrated exceptional technical and administrative leadership throughout his twenty year of service to ASTM. His leadership was most recognized and will be most remembered as exceptionally humanitarian. He was instrumental in building D30 as a Committee of individuals with a personal and technical camaraderie that has served at the Committee, ASTM, and the composites technical community well.


    The Wayne W. Stinchcomb Memorial Lecture and Award is considered for presentation biannually at the ASC Symposium held in the fall and co-sponsored by ASTM D30. The following criteria shall be considered in selecting an individual for the Lecture and Award:

    • Outstanding contributions in research, engineering, or teaching the technology of composite materials
    • Outstanding service to Committee D30 or any other technical organization with emphasis on the study and advancement of composite materials
    • Other outstanding work or contributions in the area of composite materials.

    In particular, the individual's role in the mentorship of colleagues involved in these areas is a key consideration.


    The D0 Awards Committee shall administer the award. Nominees need not be members of ASTM or Committee D30. Nominees will be solicited, at least a year in advance of the date of the intended lecture, from the membership of D30 through an electronic mailing and through a larger solicitation of the composites community in cooperation with the American Society for Composites. Deadline for submission of a nominee is December 31. The Awards Committee will present the nominees to the D30 Executive Subcommittee at the Spring Committee meeting and propose a selected nominee for Executive Subcommittee approval. If the Executive Subcommittee does not select a nominee any given year, the Lecture will not be presented for that year.

    The Lecture may be on any topic area pertinent to the technology of composite materials.

    If the candidate fails to make the presentation at the ASC Symposium due to extenuating circumstances, the Executive Subcommittee will consider alternate arrangements.


    The award shall be in the form of a scroll mounted on a walnut plaque.


    Committee D30 is responsible for all monies relating to the award.


    Authority to make changes with regard to any aspects of the award and the associated lecture rest with the Executive Committee of Committee D30. All such changes and the dates of such will be recorded in the Appendix entitled "Record of Changes to Documents".

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