Sydney D. Andrews Scroll of Achievement - Guidelines



    This award is Committee D02's highest award. This honors one person, selected by the Advisory Committee, who is considered to be the single individual most worthy of recognition because of contributions to Committee D02 achievements and other standardization activities.


    Nominations are submitted on an annual basis by the membership to the Awards Panel. Based on Merit one or more persons may be selected. Many subjective factors enter into the selection. The Awards Panel provides recommendations to the D02 1st Vice Chair who makes a final recommendation to the D02 officers. Depending on the number of eligible candidates, the award can be presented on a semi-annual or annual basis, but normally the award is presented annually during the December meeting.


    The luncheon arrangements are organized by ASTM and the D02 Staff Manager. It should be held at the same hotel location that hosts the D02 Committee meetings. Luncheon tickets may be purchased before or during the committee meetings through the designated arrangements person at the registration desk. A brief historical description of the awardee is published by D02 as part of the agenda. The Subcommittee chair should publicize the pending award to their membership prior to the D02 Committee meetings and encourage luncheon participation.


    ASTM Committee D02 Sydney D. Andrews Award of Achievement

    Presented to

    John H. Smith

    At location on this date day of December Year by his/her friends of Committee D02 of

    ASTM in appreciation for his/her many contributions to advancing the aims of the

    Committee and the Society and as an expression of high personal esteem. We who are present on this occasion gratefully affix our signatures.


    A toastmaster, principal speaker, presentation of the D02 scroll and response by the nominee are part of the ceremony. The toastmaster prepares a 10-15 minute address covering the biographical outline and work history. The principal speaker follows with a 10-15 minute address on the nominee's qualities and his relationships as opposed to his accomplishments (covered by the toastmaster's remarks). This speaker is followed by the presentation of the scroll, signed by the attendees, and is usually made by the chair or vice chair of the Committee. The Guest of Honor then makes the acceptance address.


    D02 is responsible for all funding.

    Search for past recipients through the ASTM International Awards and Recipients Database