Adhesives Award - Guidelines

    Adhesives Award

    The Adhesives Award was established in 1961 by Committee D14 on Adhesives to recognize outstanding work in the science of adhesion or the technology of adhesives. This work may consist of a single achievement or a series of achievements over a period of time by one or more investigators.

    Rules Governing the Award

    The Award is presented not more frequently than once a year. The award shall be administered by an Awards Committee consisting of five members appointed prior to 1 July by the Chairman of Committee D14 in consultation with the Advisory Committee, for a five-year staggered term. At least four members of the committee shall be members of Committee D14, and the senior member of the committee shall serve as chairman. Members of the committee may be re-appointed.

    Nominations may be submitted to the Awards Committee by anyone interested. The nominations shall be in writing with supporting evidence. The policy of ASTM not to award this honor posthumously will be followed; if, however, a recipient of the award who has been selected dies before the award is presented, the may be made posthumously.

    The Awards Committee shall select the recipient and shall notify the Chairman of Committee D14 of its selection and the reasons therefore. The chairman of Committee D14 shall advise the Staff Manager of the Committee of the selection by January 10 of the award year.

    If, in the opinion of the Awards Committee, no person is worthy of the award, none shall be made that year.

    Committee D14 shall have authority to decide any questions not specifically covered by these rules and to make recommendations for modification.

    Award to Recipients and Financing

    The cash honorarium was increased from $100 in 1982 to $500, which is paid directly to the recipient by the Adhesives Age Magazine. The recipient also shall receive a hand-engrossed, personalized certificate, which will be matted and framed.

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