Sam Tour Award - Guidelines


    The Sam Tour Award is given to the author or authors of a technical paper published by the Society, of outstanding merit in the field of improvement and evaluation of corrosion testing methods. The award was established in 1946, the 25th anniversary of Committee B03 on Corrosion of Nonferrous Metals and Alloys (replaced in 1964 by Committee G01 on Corrosion of Metals), to encourage both research and preparation of technical papers in this field.


    The award shall be administered by the Sam Tour Awards Committee consisting of three members of the Society, appointed for three-year staggered terms.

    In October of each year, a letter will be sent to the Chairman of Committee G01 requesting the selection of a third member. This selection shall be made by November 1. At this time, each member of the Tour Awards Committee will be sent a copy of the rules for the award.

    Book flyers, index for JE, Geotechnical Journal and papers eligible for this award shall have been accepted in their entirety by the Standing Committee on Publications for publication by the Society. These papers shall be the bona fide production of those who contribute them. This package should be sent to the Tour Award Chairman by January 31.

    The Tour Awards Committee shall review the eligible papers, which have been published by the Society in the period form January 1 to December 31 preceding the award year. Preprints shall not be construed as publication. By mid-February, the Tour Chairman should contact the Awards Administrator to request the selected publications.

    The committee shall select the best paper and advise the Awards Administrator of its selection by January 15 of the year in which the award is presented. A majority vote of the committee shall constitute the committee's report. The selected paper will be reviewed by the Dudley Awards Committee along with other eligible papers.

    The Sam Tour Committee will notify the Staff Manager of the selected recipients no later than August 1. A letter of notification will be sent from the Chairman of the Board via the Awards Administrator.

    If in the opinion of the committee for the given year, none of the papers are worthy of the award, none shall be made for that year.

    If the award is for any reason discontinued, the remainder of the principal shall be added to the principal of the ASTM Research Fund.


    The Sam Tour Award shall consist of walnut and bronze plaque, with a red velvet background and a photo-etched medallion of Mr. Tour.


    The award was established and is maintained through funds donated by Sam Tour.

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