S. H. Ingberg Award - Guidelines



    • The award shall be conferred in recognition of outstanding achievements in fire resistance research, fire loss prevention and the development of fire test methods. Due consideration shall be given to active participation in Committee E05 and in other committees of ASTM concerned with fire tests or in other organizations having related interests and to other achievements in or contributions to the art of fire protection.
    • The award shall be administered by an Awards Task Group appointed by the Executive Committee and consisting of Committee E05 members who have been members of the Committee for at least three years preceding their appointment.
    • The awards task group shall notify the Chairman of Committee E05 of the nominee selected in any one year. The name of the nominee shall then be considered at the next succeeding meeting of the Executive Committee for approval. If approved, the Secretary of Committee shall notify the Awards Administrator of ASTM who shall notify the recipient of his/her selection.
    • The award shall be conferred upon the recipient at an appropriate occasion such as a meeting of the Society or any regular meeting of Committee E05 or at meetings of other organizations having related interests by an officer of Committee E05.
    • Nominations for the award with substantiating information may be submitted in writing by any interested person or persons.
    • Only one award shall be given in any one year, but not necessarily each year.
      • The award shall be given in the form of a hand-engrossed, personalized certificate to be prepared by the Awards Administrator at the request of the Executive Committee of E05.
      • The award shall not be restricted to ASTM nor to Committee E05 membership. Posthumous nominations will not be considered unless the recipient dies after the selection has been made.
      • The Executive Committee of Committee E05 shall have the authority to decide any question not specifically covered by these rules. The rules may be modified upon recommendation of the Awards Task Group and become effective after approval of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.


    All costs are the responsibility of Committee E05.

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