Robert R. Litehiser Award - Guidelines


    The Robert R. Litehiser Memorial Award is presented not more frequently than once a year to a member or former member of Committee C13 on Concrete Pipe who has performed outstanding work in the field of the committee's activity.

    The award, established in 1981, honors Robert R. Litehiser, chairman of the committee from 1952 to 1962, and Honorary Member and Fellow of the Society.


    • The award shall be administered by an Awards Subcommittee consisting of all past Committee C13 recipients of the ASTM Award of Merit. Appointment of the chairman of the Awards Subcommittee shall be made biannually by the Executive Subcommittee of C13.
    • Each year, the Awards Subcommittee shall consider the eligibility of committee members and past committee members for the award.
    • If, in the opinion of the Awards Subcommittee, no person is worthy of award, none shall be given that year.
    • The Awards Subcommittee shall select the recipient and shall notify the Secretary of Committee C13 no later than three months prior to the time of presentation of the name and address of the recipient.
    • The Secretary of Committee C13 shall advise the Awards Administrator of this decision two months prior to the time of the presentation. The Chairman of the Board, through the Awards Coordinator, shall notify the recipient of the Committee's decision.
    • The Awards Subcommittee will cooperate with the Secretary of Committee C13 by the Chairman of Committee C13 and/or by an officer of the Society.
    • Committee C13 shall have authority to decide any questions not specifically covered by these rules, and the rules may be modified upon recommendation of the Awards Subcommittee.


    The Robert R. Litehiser Memorial Award shall consist of a brass plate mounted on a walnut plaque, with velvet background, and an engraved likeness of Mr. Litehiser embossed on the plate, along with the name of the recipient and a suitable citation.


    The American Concrete Pipe Association shall finance the award, which will be given by members of Committee C13.

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