Prevost Hubbard Award - Guidelines


    The Prevost Hubbard Award is presented annually to a member or former member of Committee D04, who has performed outstanding work in the Committee and in the field of Bituminous Road and Paving Materials. The award, established in 1972, honors Prevost Hubbard, a distinguished member of Committee D04 for 63 years and who served as committee secretary for 38 years.


    The award shall be administered by an Award Task Group consisting of three members of Committee D04 appointed for three-year staggered terms. An appointment of a new succeeding member shall be made annually by the Chairman of Committee D04, no later than the time of the Annual ASTM Meeting. The senior member of the Award Task Group shall serve as its Chairman and the Task Group shall report administratively to Executive Subcommittee D0.90.

    • Each year the Award Task Group shall consider the eligibility of committee members or former members for the award and shall nominate a recipient for the approval of Executive Subcommittee D04.90 at the winter meeting. The award group shall notify the General Secretary of Committee D04 of its nomination at least two months prior to the winter meeting and the nomination shall include the name and address of the recipient, and a description of the outstanding work for which the award is to be given.
    • If, in the opinion of the Award Task Group, no person is worthy of the award, none shall be given that year. After Subcommittee D04.90 has approved the nomination for the award, the General Secretary of Committee D04 shall advise the Awards Administrator of the Society of the decision, and the Awards Administrator, on behalf of the Chairman of the Board, shall notify the recipient that he/she has been selected by Committee D04 to receive the Prevost Hubbard Award.
    • The award shall be conferred upon the recipient at an appropriate occasion at the discretion of the recipient, by the Chairman of Committee D04.
    • The Award Task Group shall cooperate with the General Secretary of Committee D04 and the Awards Administrator of the Society in arrangements for securing and presenting the award.
    • Subcommittee D04.90 shall have authority to decide on any questions not specifically covered by these rules, and the rules may be modified by subcommittee D04.90 upon recommendations in writing of the Award Task Group.


    The Prevost Hubbard Award shall consist of a certificate mounted on walnut Plexiglas.


    The award shall be financed through the Committee D04 fund or the General Awards Fund.

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