P. H. Bates Memorial Award - Guidelines


    The P. H. Bates Memorial Award was established in 1969 by Committee C01 on Cement to commemorate the contributions of Phaon Hilborn Bates to the advancement of the American Society for Testing and Materials during fifty-eight years of service as a member, officer, and honorary member of the Society; fifty-four years of service as a member, officer and honorary member of Committee C01; and a combined total of over fifty-eight years of service as a member of other ASTM Committees.


    The Award is granted in respect to the excellence of a paper and its presentation, the subject relating to the manufacture, handling, testing, usage, or any other aspect of hydraulic cement that comes within the scope of Committee of Committee C01 on Cement.


    Award selection shall be based on quality of subject matter contained in the paper and the excellence of its presentation at a meeting sponsored by Committee C01 on Cement. The rating shall be based on the following items:

    (a)      Quality of the paper

    1. Originality
    2. Subject matter
    3. Results and display
    4. Clarity of test data
    5. Format
    6. Overall review

    (b)      Excellence of presentation

    1. Clarity and organization
    2. Manner of delivery, attitude
    3. Audio-visual support
    4. Length of presentation


    Responsibility for judging among candidates eligible for the award shall be assigned to the Subcommittee on Papers and Symposia. The Committee for Evaluation of the papers and presentations shall appoint at least three judges.

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