Patrick G. Laing Award (Formerly called the F04 Award of Merit) - Guidelines

    ASTM Committee F04 on Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices

    Patrick G. Laing Award 

    Reasons for Award Establishment 

    This award was established to recognize individuals who have made major contributions to the development and promulgation of ASTM standards in the medical and surgical fields over a long and continuous period of time, often much more than 10 years.  Moreover, these contributions should include not only the technical aspects of developing standards but leadership in the committee as well. 

    Committee F04 has several levels of recognition; the Patrick G. Laing Award, the highest level, is reserved for individuals who have demonstrated a long term commitment to the committee and who have made a number of outstanding contributions to the committee and standards development. 

    Award Criteria 

    The selection criteria have been publicized to the Committee F04 membership on a number of occasions, in recent years they have been distributed to the leadership of the committee on an annual basis.  The published selection criteria are as follows:

    Award is given to committee members who have demonstrated a long time devotion to standards development.  Successful candidates have not only served on numerous taskforces, leading many, served on subcommittees, often leading one of these or providing significant contributions, and provided leadership in the administration of the committee.  Awardees have often given 5–10 years or more of continuous and faithful service to the work of the committee. 

    Selection Process                           

    The leadership of Committee F04 is solicited on an annual basis for candidates worthy of recognition.  However, any member is free to submit candidates for recognition along with a brief note on why their candidate should be recognized.  The committee’s executive leadership, subcommittee and section chairs, are directly solicited because these individuals are in the best position to notice the contributions of their task force, subcommittee and section members and chairs.  All of the submitted nominations are compiled and reviewed by the Awards Subcommittee during the November Committee week meetings.  Unsuccessful candidates are held over for further consideration in subsequent years; sometimes addition information is sought or further achievements are added to the candidate’s nomination. 

    In general, only one candidate for the Patrick G. Laing Award is recognized annually, although on rare occasion, more than one candidate has been so recognized in a given year.  As this is the most prestigious award given by Committee F04, particular care is given to reviewing all of the accomplishments of the successful candidate.

    Committee F04 awards are presented during an awards function, usually Thursday evening of May Committee week. 

    Award Format 

    The Patrick G. Laing Award comes in the form of an engraved plaque on a wooden base.  The plaque is suitably inscribed with the recipient’s name, year of presentation, and a brief citation.  There is no monetary component or any other benefit associated with the award. 

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