Margaret Dana Award - Guidelines



    The Margaret Dana Award, established in 1979, is presented to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of voluntary standards for consumer products.


    The nominee must be a member of Committee F15 or any other ASTM committee having jurisdiction over consumer product standards.

    The nominee must be recognized for service to the appropriate ASTM committees, sub­committees, or task groups.

    The nominee should have made substantial contributions toward the advancement of voluntary standards for consumer products, and these contributions must be documented.

    Nominations may be submitted by the Chairman of F15 subcommittees, task forces, and executive subcommittees or by individual ASTM members. All documented nominations must be submitted to the F15 awards subcommittee.

    The awards subcommittee reviews, approves, and forwards nominations to the F15 Chairman.


    Substantial contributions over an extended period of time toward the initiation and/or the development of voluntary standards for consumer products. Significant service to the committee, subcommittees, and/or task forces, or other ASTM committees; or praiseworthy achievements in the promotion of the initiation or development of voluntary standards for consumer products.

    The chairman of F15, first vice chairman, second vice chairman, and awards chairman will review nominations and tentatively recommend the approval of worthy individual. The committee chairman will inform the President of the recommendation. The Executive Subcommittee will vote on the recommendation, prior to the Executive Committee voting on the nominee. When the recipient is selected, the Awards Administrator is notified immediately to process the award. Publicity will be requested by the Awards Administrator after the presentation.

    An article will appear each year in the ASTM "Standardization News" magazine soliciting nominations from individual ASTM members.


    The award is a walnut velvet plaque, with a screened photo medallion of Margaret Dana. A wall plaque has been established with the recipient's name being engraved each year.

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