Lowrie B. Sargent, Jr. Award - Guidelines


    The Lowrie B. Sargent, Jr. Award is presented at the discretion of ASTM Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants to a member or former member who has exhibited outstanding leadership in the standardization work of the committee.

    The award was established in 1982 and honors Dr. Lowrie B. Sargent, Jr., a member of the ASTM Board of Directors from 1974-1977, a recipient of the ASTM Award of Merit in 1974, and Chairman of Committee D02 from 1966-1975.


    This award is to be bestowed on a person who is widely recognized within Committee D02 for their excellence in continuing leadership, or outstanding short-term leadership in a particular area. The recipient should clearly exemplify excellence in:

    • Decision Making—Arriving astound conclusions and judgments based on personal competence, foresight and fair consideration of opinions of others.
    • Communicating—Creating understanding and cooperation by effective listening, speaking and writing.
    • Motivating- Inspiring, encouraging, and impelling people to take effective action to accomplish tasks that are either assigned or assumed.
    • Personal Integrity—Instilling in others a feeling of confidence and trust through forthright dealings in a straightforward manner.
    • Maturity—Exercising tolerance for contrary views and demonstrating the ability to harmonize such diversity for the common good of all concerned.

    The award is not to be limited to Committee D02 or section officers, or those with long continuous service. It is to be awarded to persons anywhere in the D02 organization who possess and clearly demonstrate the qualities outlined.


    • Nominations shall be reviewed by the officers of Committee D02, or a subcommittee designated by them. Each nomination shall be accompanied by documentation of the candidate's qualifications for the award.
    • No award shall be given if it is believed that there are no qualified recipients for any given year.
    • A written nomination of the candidate shall be submitted to the Committee D02 Advisory Committee for their consideration at a regular meeting. The nomination shall be approved if at least two-thirds of the members present vote affirmative.
    • No records of the discussion of the award shall be kept and the minutes of the Advisory Board shall reference the decision only if the vote is favorable of the nominee.
    • The award shall be presented at a regular meeting of Committee D02 unless otherwise authorized by the Committee.
    • If the candidate is a member of the Advisory Committee, the officers may modify the method of the Advisory Committee's consideration so that deliberations are not revealed to the candidate. This may be accomplished by correspondence or other means.
    • The recipient chosen to receive the award shall be notified by a letter from the Chairman of Committee D02 as soon as the selection is made.
    • The ASTM Awards Coordinator will be notified by the committee or staff committee manager of the committee's selection no later than two months prior to the anticipated date of presentation to the recipient.


    The award shall consist of a Lucite block containing a base-relief medallion of Lowrie B. Sargent, Jr. and a plate to be engraved with the name and year of the recipient. The block will be suitable for tabletop or wall display. Wording on the plate in the Lucite block will read:

    The L.B. Sargent, Jr. Award is presented by ASTM Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants to    

    Name of The Recipient

    For outstanding leadership in the work of the Committee

    Date of Presentation
    Signature of Chairman of Board                                Chairman of D02 Committee

    A plaque is also mounted at ASTM Headquarters containing the names of all recipients of this award and the year in which they received it. The plaque consists an aluminum design with black enamel lettering and featuring a sculptured bas-rehef portrait of Lowrie B. Sargent, Jr., a 3-inch ASTM disk, and 3-inch disk reading Committee D02. Wording on the plaque is:

    The Lowrie B. Sargent, Jr. Award

    Presented by

    Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants

    In memory of his outstanding leadership as Chairman of Committee from 1966 to 1975, and as a

    member of the ASTM Board of Directors from 1974-1977.

    Dedicated September 21, 1982.

    Donated by Alcoa.


    The award plaque mounted at headquarters was initially financed by funds donated by the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA). The annual fee for engraving name-plates will be the responsibility of the Committee through the D02 fund.

    Annual engraving fees for the recipients lucite block is the responsibility of Committee D02.

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