William T. Cavanaugh Memorial Award - Guidelines



    The W. T. Cavanaugh Memorial Award was established in 1987 by action of the ASTM International Board of Directors to honor the memory of William T. Cavanaugh, world leader in the development and dissemination of voluntary standards, and Chief Executive Officer of the Society from 1970 until his death in 1985.


    The purpose of the W. T. Cavanaugh Memorial Award is to acknowledge individuals of widely recognized eminence in and who have made extraordinary contributions to the field of national and international voluntary standards.


    The Award consists of a shadow box plaque with a bronze photo-etched medallion likeness of W. T. Cavanaugh accompanied by an engraved citation of 25 words (or less), and a lapel pin. In conjunction with the award, recipients receive the grade of ASTM International Honorary Member and are exempted from ASTM International dues in perpetuity.


    Award requirements are as follows:

             1. Candidates must be widely recognized for extraordinary contributions to the voluntary standards system in its broadest context. Major contributions to ASTM International technical committees are normally considered for recognition as either an appropriate technical committee award, or in exceptional cases, as a Society Award of Merit.

             2. Candidates may or may not be members of ASTM International but must be living at the time of nomination in order to be eligible for consideration.

             3. Candidates may be nominated by individuals or groups from within or outside ASTM International. While in office, Society officers and directors are prohibited from nominating or being nominated as candidates for the Award.


    The award is administered as follows:

              1. No more than two (2) individuals can be selected for the award in a single year. If no suitable candidates are identified in a particular year, the Award is not given that year.

              2. Nominations, containing as much detail as possible about a candidate's qualifications (See guidelines below), must be received at ASTM International Headquarters by April 1 to be considered that year. Nominations received after April 1 will be held for consideration the following year.

              3. Nominations are evaluated by the ASTM International Executive Committee prior to the Spring meeting of the Board of Directors. Nominations selected by the Executive Committee will be provided to Board members for review at least 24 hours before action by the Board of Directors. (Note - upon request, all nominations reviewed by the Committee may be seen by individual Board members.)

              4. Election of individual nominees is by unanimous (general) consent of those Board members present at the Board meeting. Procedurally, voting is conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order Revised; that is, as a regular item of business, each Executive Committee recommendation is proposed for acceptance and unless an objection is then raised, it is considered to be accepted and announced as such by the Chair.

             5. Successful nominees and their nominators are notified of their election by the Office of the President on behalf of the Board Chair. Time and place for presentation of the award is designated by the Chair after consultation with the awardee and the ASTM International staff.

             6. The nominators of unsuccessful candidates are contacted by letter from the Board Chair, apprising them of the Board's action. Nominations are valid for only one year but may be resubmitted each year up to a maximum of three consecutive years. For resubmittal purposes, the Chair's letter will inform nominators of the future eligibility status of their candidates.


    Nomination packages must describe candidates' qualifications as completely as possible. The following information should be provided in each package:

             1. Candidate's name, business title, business address and telephone.

             2. Plaque citation, in 25 words or less about the candidate.

             3. Candidate's professional/career background, including a listing of relevant presentations and publications (articles, books, etc.)

             4. Candidate's outstanding contributions within ASTM International at the Society level as well as other standards development or professional societies. All offices and special positions held in each organization should be identified, and accomplishments to advance the efforts of the global standards community specifically identified.

             5. Candidate's standards or policy-related leadership interactions with governments, industry or academia. Cite candidate's relevant accomplishments in scientific or professional societies.

             6. Candidate's past honors, citations, and awards that relate to voluntary standards.

             7. Name and title of the person, committee, or organization nominating the candidate.

             8. Name, business address, and telephone of the principal contact acting for the nominator.

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