L. L. Wyman Award - Guidelines


    The L. L. Wyman Memorial Award is given to one or more members (maximum of two) of ASTM Committee E04 in recognition of significant and meritorious contributions to standardization in the field of metallography through the work of ASTM Committee E04. The Award commemorates Leroy L. Wyman, in honor of his dedicated service to ASTM as Chairman of E04 from 1938 to 1966.


    The L. L. Wyman Memorial Award Standing Committee of Committee E04 on Metallography shall consist of two members from Committee E04, Both members are appointed by the Chairman of E04, with the approval of the Executive Subcommittee. Their terms of office shall run for two years, concurrent with the terms of the Committee officers.

    All members of ASTM Committee E04 are eligible for the L. L. Wyman Memorial Award, including past recipients.

    The Award shall be given biannually, in the even-numbered years. Before August 15 of the even-numbered years, the L. L. Wyman Memorial Award Standing Committee shall convene and select the recipients. The Award shall be presented at the Fall/Winter meeting in the even -numbered years. If in a given biannual period, consisting of the preceding odd-numbered year and the current even-numbered year, no recipient is chosen, then no Award shall be given for that biannual period. In case two recipients are selected to receive the L. L. Wyman memorial Award, each shall receive a certificate with his/her name appearing on it.


    The L. L. Wyman Memorial Award shall consist of a certificate presented to the recipient. In addition, the recipient's name shall be added to a permanent L. L. Wyman Memorial Award Plaque hung in Marshall Hall at ASTM Headquarters.


    Financing of the award is the responsibility of Committee E04.

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