Kenneth J. Boedecker, Jr. Distinguished Service Award (Formerly called the A05 Distinguished Service - Guidelines


    The Kenneth J. Boedecker, Jr. Distinguished Service Award is the highest award that can be given to a member of Committee A05 on Metallic Coated Iron & Steel Products. This award was established in 1998 to recognize exceptional and sustained service to Committee A05. Exceptional service may be demonstrated by the following:

    1. Prolonged diligent standards activity, such as organizing a new field of standards activity (i.e. a new subcommittee), generating new standards, and authoring major revisions to A05 standards.

    2. Exemplary management and technical contributions as a Committee or Subcommittee officer for an extended period of time.

    3. Significant technical contribution to standards work including chairing of task groups, timely maintenance of standards, coordination of interlaboratory test programs, and substantial research.

    4. Leadership that provides strategic direction and planning for the Committee in both administrative and technical subcommittees.

    5. Other significant work deemed worthy by either the A05 Awards Committee or the A05 Executive Committee.


    The award shall be an engraved plaque and special in its physical appearance to capture the high level of this award. It shall bear the recipient's name and appropriate citation, date of presentation, and shall be signed by both the Chairman and Secretary of the Committee.

    Presentation shall be made ordinarily during a regularly scheduled November meeting of the Committee, at a subcommittee meeting, a luncheon or an evening social event. Presentation shall ordinarily be made by the Chairman of the Committee, his designee or by the Chairman of the Awards Committee.


    Solicitations for nominations shall be made in January of a given year. Any Committee member may nominate a candidate. A nomination shall include a suggested citation and both the quantitative and qualitative measures of the candidate's merit. The Awards Committee shall receive all nominations by the end of April. The Awards Committee shall then consider the candidate at the A05 May committee week meeting; research further if necessary and either accept or reject the proposal. The award, if accepted, shall be given during the following A05 November committee week meeting.


    The award shall be given when a candidate meets the requirements of the Award. The intent of the Committee is to give the award to only one individual in any given year unless extenuating circumstances exist.


    The award shall be funded by voluntary contributions by Committee Members to the A05 General Fund, and the ASTM Award Supplement.

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