Katharine and Bryant Mather Student Contribution Award - Guidelines



    The Katharine and Bryant Mather Student Contribution Award is presented at various intervals based upon merit and available funds to a student or recent graduate of any academic level who has contributed to the field of cement and concrete technology through development of a proposed standard, research paper, or other completed study that is standards related. Examples of outstanding student contributions include the following:

    • A student who successfully generates research and/or data during his/her course of study that is used in improving an existing ASTM standard or contributes to the development of a new ASTM standard.

    • A student that presents significant research related to standards in cement or concrete technology at a Committee sponsored symposium, committee meeting, or workshop.

    • Significant graduate work in the field of cement or concrete technology resulting in improvement to an existing standard or publication of a new standard.

    Rules Governing The Student Contribution Award

    • A four-person Task Group made up of at least three university faculty members of the Committee as designated by the Chair of Committee C09, with an Executive Subcommittee member serving as Chair, will facilitate the selection of the Student Contribution Awardee.

    • Not more than one Student Contribution Award shall be made each year.

    • Any C0l or C09 member may make nominations for the Student Contribution Award. Each nomination shall include a statement justifying the consideration of the nominee for the award. Nominations shall be in writing and furnished to the Chair of Committee C09.

    • A unanimous affirmative vote of the members of the Task Group, allowing for abstentions, is required to select the recipient of the Award. The Student Contribution Award Each recipient of the Katharine and Bryant Mather Student Contribution Award shall receive a shadow box plaque with the following inscription:



    For outstanding contributions in (note contribution here) and the enhancement of cement and concrete technology standards.


    Chairman C09              Chairman of the Board               Secretary of C09

    In addition to the personal award, the recipient will also receive an honorarium in the amount of $1,000 plus travel expenses to attend an ASTM meeting of Committees C0l and C09. The total award should not exceed $2500.


    ASTM Committee C09 has established a dedicated Mather Award fund that is maintained and administered by ASTM International, and which is separate from the Katharine and Bryant Mather Scholarship Fund. Earnings from the C09 Mather Award Fund shall be transferred annually to the C09 Mather Award Interest Fund to be used to pay for awards, honoraria, and related expenses associated with the Katharine and Bryant Mather Award, Katharine and Bryant Mather Member Contribution Award, and Katharine and Bryant Mather Student Contribution Award. All earnings in excess of these needs shall either be transferred to the ASTM International Katharine and Bryant Mather Scholarship Fund or to the C09 General Fund, at the discretion of the C09 Executive Subcommittee.

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