Katharine & Bryant Mather Award - Guidelines

    Katharine and Bryant Mather Award


    The Katharine and Bryant Mather Award is presented at intervals of not more than once in two years to an individual who has performed the administrative and managerial duties of Committee C09 in an exceptional manner so as to enhance the status of concrete technology as a discipline.  Examples:

    • Productive administrative or managerial services as a committee officer, executive subcommittee member, administrative or technical subcommittee officer (chair, secretary, or task group chair) over a substantial period of time.
    • The chair of a subcommittee responsible for a large number of standards that are in need of revision and within a relatively short period of time bringing them up-to-date.
    • As a committee officer, subcommittee officer, or member taking on the responsibility for organizing a major symposium and promoting it such that it becomes well attended and recognized by his/her peers to have been highly successful.
    • As a committee or subcommittee officer or task group chair accomplishing major improvements in the administrative or managerial operations of the Committee.
    • Representing the Committee as an officer or member of the ASTM Board of Directors, its committees or ASTM Standing Committees in an outstanding manner.
    • A three-person Task Group assigned by the Chair of Committee C09 will facilitate the selection of the Awardee. At least one member of the task group shall have been a previous winner of the Award.
    • It shall be awarded not more frequently than once in two years and to not more than one person. Presentation of the Award shall alternate with presentation of the Katharine and Bryant Mather Member Contribution Award.
    • Any C09 member may make nominations for the Award, but the nominees are limited to C09 members. Each nomination shall include a statement justifying the consideration of the nominee for the award. Nominations shall be in writing and furnished to the Chair of Committee C09, preferably before the December meeting prior to the year the Award is made. The current Chair of Committee C09, previous awardees, and current members of the Task Group are not eligible for the Award.
    • A unanimous affirmative vote of the members of the Task Group shall be required to select the recipient of the Award.

    Rules Governing the Award

    The Award

    The Katharine and Bryant Mather Award will be commemorated with a wall plaque mounted at ASTM Headquarters listing the recipients' names and the year in which the award was received. Each recipient of the Award shall receive a Jostens Shadow Box plaque with the following inscription:




    For outstanding contributions in performing the administrative and managerial duties in the position of (title of position)


     Chairman C09                                  Chairman of the Board

     Secretary of C09

    In addition to the personal award, the recipient will also receive an honorarium in the amount of $1,000 and have his/her name added to the Katharine and Bryant Mather Award plaque displayed at ASTM International Headquarters.



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