Joseph R. Vilella Award - Guidelines


    The Joseph R. Vilella Award is given to the author or authors of a paper published by the Society or presented at a Society sponsored symposium, that is of outstanding merit in the field of Metallography as this field is defined in the scope of Committee E04. The award is established to recognize outstanding contributions in metallography knowledge. The Award commemorates Joseph R. Vilella for his significant and outstanding contributions to the field of metallography.


    The Joseph R. Vilella Award Standing Committee of Committee E04 shall consist of two members of Committee E04. The Joseph R. Vilella Award Subcommittee shall be appointed by the Executive Subcommittee of E04 during the Executive Subcommittee meeting held during the Fall/Winter meeting. Their terms of office shall run for two years, concurrent with the terms of the Committee officers. Of these two members, one shall be designated the senior member of the Subcommittee and shall serve as its Chairman. Members of the Society's Standing Committee on Publications shall not serve on the Joseph R. Vilella subcommittee.

    All papers published by the society are eligible for this award.  The author need not be an ASTM member.  In addition to papers published by the Society, papers published in the open literature by an ASTM member shall also be eligible for the award.  The papers to be reviewed at any one time shall be restricted to those published during the three previous calendar years. 

    Before 15 March of each year, the Task Group shall review the eligible papers in accordance with the above.  The task group shall either select the best paper or conclude that the award shall not be made.  The Task Group shall notify the chairman and secretary of committee E-4, the Honors Subcommittee chairman, and the awards Coordinator of the Society of its decision by 15 March of each year.  ( In the event the Dudley Medal Committee selects the same paper, the paper shall still receive the Joseph R. Vilella Award.) 

    The Awards Coordinator, on behalf of the President of the Society, shall notify the author of the paper that it has been selected by Committee E04 to receive the Joseph R. Vilella Award. 

    The award shall be presented during the Committee E04 Spring meeting.

    The award shall be made at the discretion of the recipients during a paper session sponsored wholly or in part by Committee E04.   In the event no such paper session is sponsored, the award shall be made during the Committee E04 Spring/Summer meeting. 

    If in the opinion of the Task Group, none of the papers reviewed is worthy of the award, no award shall be given that year.  If more than one paper is considered outstanding, two awards may be given in that year.  No more than two awards may be given in the same year.

    The Executive Subcommittee of Committee E04 shall have authority to decide any questions not specifically covered by these rules and to modify the rules.


    The Joseph R. Vilella Award shall consist of a bronze and walnut plaque, with a maroon velvet background, and a photo-etched medallion of Mr. Vilella.  In case an award has two or more co-authors, each will receive a plaque, with his name first in the sequence.

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