John L. Hague Award - Guidelines


    The John L. Hague Award is presented not more frequently than once a year to a member, or former member, of Committee E01 on Analytical Chemistry for Metals, Ores, and Related Materials for significant technical contribution to the initiation, preparation, or development of E01 standards for test ores.

    The award, established in 1982 by Committee E16 on Analytical Sampling and Analysis of Metal-Bearing Ores and Related Materials, honors John L. Hague a former chemist for the National Bureau of Standards and the first Chairman of Committee E16. Hague displayed an intense interest in promoting the work of Committee E16 while serving several terms as Chairman of the committee.


    The Award shall be administered by an Awards Subcommittee consisting of a representative of each Subcommittee of Committee E01. Appointment of the Awards Committee members shall be for a one-year term except for the Chairman who shall serve for two years.

    Each year the Awards Subcommittee shall consider the eligibility of committee members for the Award. The Awards Subcommittee may nominate a candidate or may request the main committee to nominate a candidate by secret ballot.

    If in the opinion of the Awards Subcommittee, no person is worthy of the award, none shall be given that year.

    The Awards Subcommittee shall select the recipient and shall notify the Chairman of E01, no later than December of the year preceding the presentation of the award, of the name and address of the recipient.

    The Chairman of Committee E01 shall advise the committee's ASTM Staff Manager of the selection and anticipated date of presentation, immediately.

    The presentation of the Award shall be made at an appropriate meeting of Committee E01.

    Committee E01 shall have authority to decide any questions not specifically covered by these rules, and the rules may be modified upon recommendations of the Awards Subcommittee and approved by E01 Executive.


    The John L. Hague Award shall consist of a hand-engrossed certificate, to be mounted on a walnut/plexiglas plaque.


    Financing the John L. Hague Award plaque will be done through the Committee E01 account. Funds for the first five to ten plaques were secured in the committee account in 1982. Future funding will be available through the voluntary Committee E01 activity fee.

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