Jerry W. Gambrell Award - Guidelines

    Jerry W. Gambrell Award

    Award Criteria:

    Nominations would be a collection of considerations that would include a combination of; significant technical contributions, length of productive service to the committee, exemplary leadership roles, commitment to education and research; innovations concerning fence industry standards, assistance with the development of other ASTM publications, the promotion of ASTM standards to the fence community.

    Selection Process:

    Once a year after the June Committee meeting, the Awards Task Group will provide the nomination form to the membership of the committee. The Awards Task Group will compile the nominations and provide a ranking, 1 through 5 based on established award criteria. The nominee receiving the highest ranking would be the awardee.

    Award Format:

    A large award plaque to be presented at the annual winter meeting will be presented to the recipient. The award will state.

    This award is dedicated to Jerry W. Gambrell who served the ASTM Fence Committee as chairman, leader and technical advisor to the fence community. This award is presented for outstanding contributions and leadership in the development offence standards.

    Financial Responsibly:

    Committee F14 will provide financial support of this award through its regular activity fee.

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