J. Ivan Davison Memorial Award - Guidelines

    Committee C12 on Mortars and Grouts for Unit Masonry

    J. Ivan Davison Memorial Award

     Reason for Award Establishment

    The intent of the award is to recognize an individual who has made exemplary technical, practical and/or administrative contributions to Committee C12 over a long and continuous period of time.

    Award Criteria

    The award recipient will be selected on the basis of exceptional technical, practical and/or administrative contributions which assist Committee C12 in its technical and administrative work and which advance the state-of-the-art practices within the scope of the committee.  Contributions should be substantial and have improved test methods, specifications and/or administrative operations of the Committee specifications.

    Selection will be based on the following criteria:

    1. Membership in and contributions to more than one C12 subcommittee.
    2. A continued work effort in masonry mortar/grout and its components.
    3. Involvement in or funding of laboratory work.
    4. Involvement in C12 administration affairs.

    Selection Committee

    The Chairman of ASTM C12 shall appoint a selection committee operating as an ad hoc committee to the executive committee consisting of a permanent chairman and three members. The chairman serves until replaced by the C12 chairman. Each of the three members shall serve three-year terms.  Terms shall be staggered so one new member is appointed in a single year. The C12 Chairman is encouraged to appoint past recipients of the award to the committee. The C12 Chairman is an ex-official committee member and will cast the deciding vote in case of a tie vote by the committee.

    The committee shall meet in June to review nominations for the award.  The committee shall be proactive in identifying nominees for the award and encourage their nomination.  Nominees will be solicited through announcements at ASTM meetings and in press releases related to announcing the award. Nominees are not limited to current C12 members.  The award need not be given annually, rather, only as appropriate.


    The award will be presented, when given, during the Committee C12/C15 Awards luncheon in December that are part of the regular C12 meeting schedule.  ASTM will be asked to do a press release on the award recipient.

    A framed certificate will be presented to each recipient.  The committee will prepare appropriate wording to appear on the certificate and present the certificate to each recipient.

    Financial Responsibility

    Any expenses associated with the administration of the award by C 12 will be the responsibility of the Committee.  Committee C12 raised approximately $10,000 for the 75th Anniversary Celebration and plan to use some of the funds for this Award. Continual funding will be provided through donations from committee members and organizations when necessary.

    Search for past recipients through the ASTM International Awards and Recipients Database