Henry A. Gardner Subcommittee Chairman of the Year Award - Guidelines


    The Henry A. Gardner Award is presented not more frequently than once a year to a member of ASTM Committee D01, who has demonstrated sustained outstanding competence in managing a unit of D01 so that its productivity is high. The award, established in 1977, honors Dr. Henry A. Gardner, Sr. an honorary member of D01. Dr. Gardner, 1882-1973, was the epitome of successful management of people and problems in furthering the broad technical objectives of the paint industry, i.e., he exemplified this award. As Director from 1909 of the Scientific Section of me forerunners of the present National Paint and Coatings Association, he both operated complex research programs and participated in the early cooperative test programs of ASTM Committee D01. He chaired various D01 task groups and subcommittees, was D01 Vice Chairman in 1919-19C28, and, later was elected an Honorary Member of Committee D01. He gained world-wide fame through publication of twelve successive editions of "Physical and Chemical Examination of Paint, Varnishes, Lacquers, and Colors," known as the Paint Testing Manual or "bible", and, then donated its copyright to ASTM, who revised and reissued it as a thirteenth edition, STP 500 in 1972, perpetuating his name.


    The Award shall be administered by a Gardner Award Group consisting of three members of Committee D01 appointed for three-year staggered terms. An appointment of a new succeeding member shall be made annually by the chairman of D01 not later than June 30. The senior member of the Group shall serve as its Chairman, and the Group shall report administratively to Subcommittee 94 on Awards and Memorials. Each year the Gardner Award Group shall consider the eligibility of committee members for the award and shall nominate a recipient for the approval of Subcommittee 94 and the D01 Executive Committee at its annual January meeting. Members shall not be eligible while serving. The Award Group shall notify the Secretary of Committee D01 of its nomination at least two months prior to the meeting and the nomination shall include the name and address of the recipient and a suitable inscription for the certificate. The Gardner Award Group shall make the arrangements for securing and presenting the Award. The D01 Executive Committee shall have the authority to decide any questions not specifically covered by these rules, and the rules may be modified upon recommendation of the Gardner Award Group. The Gardner Award Group shall administer the endowment fund.


    The Henry A. Gardner Award shall consist of a certificate and a cash honorarium consisting of the rest of the proceeds from the endowment.

    The wording of the inscription of the certificate shall be as shown as follows:

    Committee D01 on Paint, and Related Coatings and Materials Henry A. Gardner Award Established in 1977 by Committee D01 in honor of Dr. Henry A. Gardner, Sr., and given in recognition of outstanding contributions in the operations of (proper unit)

    This award is made to (Name)


    Financing of the award is through an endowment by Gardner Laboratory, Inc.

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