Harold DeWitt Smith Award - Guidelines


    The award was established in 1949 by Committee D13 on Textile Materials (now known as Committee D13 on Textiles). The award is presented at intervals of not less than one year for outstanding achievement in the field of textile fiber utilization, including achievements in one or more of the following categories: (1) scientific development of knowledge of textile fibers and structures or method for the evaluation of their properties, (2) contributions in securing the acceptance and use by the industry of fundamental knowledge, (3) contributions to textile education, (4) contributions to the organization of group research and development in the textile field. The purposes of the award are to stimulate the scientific approach to the problems of textile fiber utilization and to lift the design of textile structures from the empirical to the scientific level - the aims of Dr. Harold DeWitt Smith, whom the award commemorates.


    • The award shall be administered by the Smith Awards Committee consisting of the Chairman of Committee D13, who shall act as Chairman of the Award Committee, the Secretary of Committee D13, who shall serve as secretary of the Awards Committee, without vote, and four others (preferably members of Committee D13) appointed for four-year staggered terms as follows:
    • A member of the faculty of an educational institution awarding degrees in science or engineering.
    • An employee of a concern manufacturing textile fibers or textile structures.
    • A textile scientist of established reputation.
    • A member-at-large who may be any qualified individual.
    • An appointment to this committee shall be made annually, by the officers of Committee D13, to replace the member whose term expires.
    • When an appointed member's term expires he shall be eligible for reappointment after the lapse of one mil term. Members of the Smith Committee are ineligible for the award while on the Committee. Nominations shall be limited to citizens of the United States or the Dominion of Canada. Nominations may be made by any person and shall be in writing, addressed to the secretary of the Smith Awards Committee and sent to be received on or before 1 May in order to be considered for the Smith Award the following year. The nominations shall indicate the basis for the recommendation.
    • The Smith Awards Committee shall select the recipient, and the Chairman of
      Committee D13 shall advise the Awards Administrator of the Society and the
      Director of the Fabric Research Laboratories of its selection.
    • The award will be made preferably at the October meeting of Committee D13.


    The recipients of the De Witt/Smith Memorial Award will receive a bronze and walnut plaque with a photo-etched medallion of Mr. Smith with a blue velvet background.


    Financing of the award is the responsibility of the Fabric Research Laboratories, Inc. As of 1992 all plaques will be purchased from honors and awards.

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