H.V. Churchill Award - Guidelines


    The H. V. Churchill Award was established in 1967 by Committee E02 on Emission Spectroscopy (Committee E01 on Analytical Chemistry for Metals, Ores, and Related Materials as of 1991) to honor its first chairman. It is given in recognition of his service to the committee and to the field of industrial spectrochemical analysis. The award is granted to a member or a past member of the committee for meritorious service.


    1. The award is governed by an awards committee consisting of four members. The chairman of Committee E01 who shall be, ex-officio, chairman of the awards committee, shall appoint three. The three appointed members would serve three-year terms, rotating so a new person is appointed to serve each year.
    2. Nominations for the award may be sent to the awards committee by subcommittee chairmen providing substantiation of the nominee, or the awards committee may choose nominees independently.
    3. The awards committee selects the recipient and notifies the chairman of Committee E01 of its basis for the decision. The chairman will forward the name of the recipient to ASTM’s Awards Administrator at least three months prior to the time of the presentation. The Awards Administrator, on behalf of the Chairman of the Board, will notify the recipient of the selection.
    4. If the awards committee finds no person is worthy of the award, none will be given that year. The policy of ASTM not to award honors posthumously will be followed. If a recipient of the award expires before the presentation, the award may be made posthumously.
    5. Committee E01 has the authority to make any modifications not specifically covered by these rules.


    The H. V. Churchill Award consists of a personalized certificate, framed and matted.


    Members of Committee E01 will bear any expense pertaining to this award.

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