H.V. Churchill Award

    The H. V. Churchill Award was established in 1967 by Committee E02 on Emission Spectroscopy in honor of its first chair. It is administered by Committee E01 on Analytical Chemistry for Metals, Ores, and Related Materials, and is presented for meritorious service to the Committee.

    Form of Award:

    12 X 15 Emerald Plaque


    If the awards committee finds no person is worthy of the award, none will be given that year. The policy of ASTM not to award honors posthumously will be followed. If a recipient of the award expires before the presentation, the award may be made posthumously.

    Administrative Responsibility:

    Honors and Awards Department

    Nomination Deadline:

    Nomination Send To:

    Tom O'Toole

    Phone Number:


    Awarded By:


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