H.R. 'Russ' Ogden Award - Guidelines

    H. R. (Russ) Ogden Memorial Award

    Establishment of the Award

    The Award was authorized by Committee B-10 in 1981 and first presented in 1983.  The award is made to individuals who have made a distinguished contribution in the field of Reactive and Refractory Metals.

    Basis of the Award

    The purpose is to recognize outstanding contributions in the field of Reactive and Refractory Metals.  Any or all of the following types of achievements which forward this purpose shall be considered as the basis for the award.

    1. Marked achievement in technical advancement such as alloy
      development, corrosion research, properties improvement,
      and methods of manufacture.
    2. Marked leadership in technical application of reactive and
      refractory metals in the industrial society.
    3. Marked leadership in the manufacturing or marketing of
      reactive and refractory metals.
    4. Outstanding service in this field that is not recognized
      by another ASTM award.

    Method of Selection

    1. The Award will be granted on recommendation of the Awards Committee of B10 which shall consist of at least three members who serve at the pleasure of the Chairman of B10.
    2. Nominations, in the form of a letter describing the nominee and outlining the special service on which the award is to be based, may be made by any member of the Committee.
    3. Nominees need not be members of ASTM as the Award is for contribution to the technical field covered by ASTM Committee B10.
    4. One recipient may be selected annually for the Award.
    5. Nominations for this award should be received by May 1st of the year of the Award.


    Form of the Award

    The Award shall consist of a certificate with the ASTM logo.

    The certificate will state the following:



    Established by the Committee in honor of its first chairman. This award is presented for outstanding accomplishments in the science and technology of reactive and refractory metals and alloys to:

    (name of recipient)

    Date                                                           Chairman, Committee B10

    The certificate will be matted and framed, and financing will be the responsibility of Committee B10.

    Presentation of the Award

    The Award shall be presented at a meeting of the Committee, a symposium, or other suitable occasions.

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