Gilbert C. Robinson Memorial Award - Guidelines



    C15 committee established the Gilbert C. Robinson Memorial Award in 1999 to preserve the memory of his contributions to the clay masonry industry, as well as ASTM Committee C15 for 35 years. The intent of the award is to recognize an individual who has made similar contributions to manufactured masonry units


    Although Gil's career was in the clay masonry industry, the intent of the award is to recognize an individual who has made similar contributions to manufactured masonry units. The award recipient(s) will be selected on the basis of exceptional technical contributions which assist Committee C15 in its work and which advance the state-of-the-art within the scope of the committee. Technical contributions need not be sophisticated, but they should be substantial and have improved test methods or specifications. Many of Gil's best contributions were simple, practical ideas.


    The Chairman of ASTM C15 shall appoint a selection committee consisting of a chairman and five members. Each member shall serve a three-year term. Terms shall be staggered so two new members are appointed in a single year. The chairman shall serve as a member of the committee for one year after his/her term as chair. The C15 Chairman is encouraged to appoint past recipients of the award to the committee.


    The committee shall meet at least annually to review nominations for the award. The selection committee shall have approval authority. Nominations of each unsuccessful candidate shall be reported by letter to the person who prepared the nomination letter. The committee shall be proactive in identifying nominees for the award and encourage their nomination. Nominees are not limited to ASTM members. The award will be limited to one award per year. One award may be given to multiple recipients. An example of a situation where multiple recipients would be appropriate would be coauthors of a paper that was judged by the committee to be worthy of the award. The award need not be given annually, rather, only as appropriate.

    Award Format

    The award will be presented at a meeting of C15, and may be presented at the same time as other C15 awards. ASTM will be asked to prepare publicity about the presentation of the award.


    Two wall plaques, one at ASTM Headquarters, the other at the National Brick Research Center in Anderson, SC, will be inscribed with each recipient's name. A ceramic plaque and a framed certificate will be presented to each recipient. The committee will prepare appropriate wording to appear on the certificate.


    Funding for the Gilbert C. Robinson Award, including costs of the plaques for placement at ASTM Headquarters and the NationalBrickResearchCenter, and plaques for the recipients, will be provided by the NationalBrickResearchCenter, a component of ClemsonUniversity. An invoice should be sent from ASTM to the Center to provide for funds, as necessary, for this award.

    Gilbert C. Robinson, was a member of ASTM Committee C15 for 35 years before his death in 1996. He served as chairman of C15 from 1975 through 1980. Gil pioneered the application of practical technology in the development of standards for masonry units. In order to preserve the memory of his contributions, the Gilbert C. Robinson Memorial Award has been established to recognize those who make contributions of a similar scope and significance.

    Born in Lykens, Pa., Professor Gilbert C. Robinson, Sr. graduated from North Carolina State College (now N.C.StateUniversity). He was a Navy veteran of World War II and a professional engineer in South Carolina. He came to ClemsonUniversity in 1946 to be the university's first professor of ceramic engineering. Through his determination and dedication, the program saw its first graduate in 1950, and the new program helped to draw industries to the state almost immediately. Dr. Robinson oversaw the growth and expansion of the department, and in 1953 the department moved into its permanent home, Olin Hall. The recipient of an honorary doctor of science degree from AlfredUniversity, Professor Robinson was named an Alumni Distinguished Professor. When he retired as the department head in 1985, Dr. Robinson was named a Professor Emeritus of Clemson. In 1993, ClemsonUniversity's Board of Trustees named the department he founded the Gilbert C. Robinson Department of Ceramic Engineering, the first academic department on the Clemson campus to be named for someone.

    In 1986, he organized the Center for Engineering Ceramic Manufacturing, now known as the NationalBrickResearchCenter, and served as its director until 1990. He was a life member of the American Ceramic Society and served on the organization's board of trustees. He was a recipient of the Greaves-Walker Award by the National Institute of Ceramic Engineers.

    Dr. Robinson delighted in teaching and in research. He had the unique abihty to express technical thoughts in easily understood language. Test methods that he favored utilized readily available materials and were simple to apply. Results were meticulously analyzed. The resulting requirements were encompassing, but were typically based on easily measured properties. Members of C15 appreciated his keen sense of humor, his ability to cut to the heart of a technical issue, and the speed with which he conducted meetings. Dr. Robinson ably represented the Society at all levels. He was honored with the Award of Merit and the Walter C. Voss Award.

    Dr. Robinson died on February 23, 1996.

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