Robert J. Painter Memorial Award - Guidelines


    An award for meritorious service is presented to the person contributing the most outstanding service in a given year in the field of standards.  The original ASTM/SES Award was established in 1956.  The name was changed to the one now in use in 1978, and it is administered by the Standards Engineering Society and ASTM.

    The award is given not for the length of service, but for the outstanding work provided in the field of standards.


    Programs of publicity for the awards, the technique of solicitation, review of nominees, the form and contents of certificates are the responsibility of the SES General Awards Committee.  

    • The Standards Engineering Society Service Awards Subcommittee presents nominations for recipients of the Meritorious Service Award.  The SES Publications Award Subcommittee presents nominations for recipients for the Outstanding Publications Award.  ASTM is represented on both of these awards subcommittees. The deadline for nominations is March 1.  
    • The SES General Awards Committee reviews the nominations proposed by the two subcommittees and presents its recommendations to the SES Board of Directors, which makes the final selection.  
    • The awards are made not more frequently than once a year, and if in the opinion of the committee no person or publication merits the award in a given year, no award is made that year.  
    • The awards are presented at the Standards Engineers Society Annual Meeting.  


    The recipient in each category receives a medal from ASTM and a certificate from SES bearing a personalized citation.  


    Engraving of the medal is the responsibility of the Society and should be billed to account 639010 8208.  Financing of the certificate is the responsibility of SES.

    Search for past recipients through the ASTM International Awards and Recipients Database