George R. Irwin Award - Guidelines


    The George R. Irwin Medal is given to an individual(s) inside or outside the Society, who has made a significant new contribution in the application of fracture mechanics concepts and methodology to the understanding and solving of practical engineering problems. The contribution must be in the fields covered by Committee E08.

    The Medal was established by Committee E24 (now known as Committee E08 as of 1993) in 1978 to honor Dr. Irwin, who initiated and has been a driving force in the development of various aspects of the field of fracture mechanics, and whose inspiring personality has had a profound influence on its success.


    Individual nominations may be submitted to the Awards Subcommittee at any time. Nominations received by December 31 will be considered for the award at the time or the National Symposium on Fracture Mechanics the following year; those received after that date will be held for consideration the year after,

    The Irwin Medal shall be granted by the Executive Committee of Committee E08 on nomination of the Awards Subcommittee of the Executive Committee.

    If in the opinion of the Awards Subcommittee and with concurrence of the Executive Committee, no one is worthy of the Medal for a given year, none shall be made for that year.


    Recipient or recipients shall receive a bronze medal. In the case of more than on recipient, each individual will receive a medal.


    The Irwin Medal shall be presented at the discretion of the recipient or recipients; i.e., at the technical meeting or a committee meeting of his or her designation. The National Symposium is the preferred occasion.

    The only involvement of ASTM with the Medal will be as follows: the staff manger will give the medal to the Awards Administrator of the Society to have it engraved. The Awards Committee from E08 will inform the recipients and proceed with the usual information requests.

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